Frets On Fire: Severed Fifth Edition

Some of you may be familiar with the game Frets On Fire; a free equivilent to the rather awesome Guitar Hero series of games. For some time now I have dreamed about having a special Frets On Fire: Severed Fifth Edition version of the game, with all Severed Fifth songs available to play. Well, this weekend I started working on exactly this.

So far the game is looking pretty cool and all branded to look like Severed Fifth. It includes the familar artwork, the logos and other fun things. It also include a transcribed version of Edge Of Design from Denied By Reign. So far it looks like this:

To make this a reality I need help to get all the Severed Fifth songs transcribed into Frets On Fire format. If you are interested I have written up more details about the game and how to get involved and also kicked off a thread on the Severed Fifth forums to discuss this.

Thanks in advance to everyone who helps with this effort!

  • pablog

    Oh man, that’s really cool. I really appreciate from a band this kind of things that mark the difference. More of them should do it. :)

  • Jack

    I’ve actually never seen Frets on Fire before, I’, going to have to look it up. Is it a Linux only thing?

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