Unity Love

Unity from our Ubuntu Netbook Edition. I absolutely love it.

You can try it out easily by just running:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:canonical-dx-team/une
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ubuntu-netbook-unity-default-settings

It is also packaged for Maverick in the repositories, just install unity.

  • Nick Aubert

    When I saw your tweet I thought the Unity game engine had finally come around to supporting Linux. Sadly this isn’t the case.

    That is a nice looking netbook theme though.

  • Anne Onimos

    Do you know if there are any backports? To Jaunty, even?

  • Anne Onimos

    …backports of Unity, I mean.

  • d2kx

    It’s nice indeed, but I still don’t get why you didn’t just put the effort into Gnome Shell and why you think netbook wouldn’t work with that.

  • Lori

    This noob wanted to experience netbook joy — followed directions, but got none. Running NetBook Remix on an EeePC 1005PE. No apparent changes except another group labelled Other now appears on the left bar and contains an Applications folder.

    Ideas, instructions, etc. welcomed. You can even say something vaguely arrogant, if it makes you feel good and helps me :)

    Thanks, really – Lori

  • http://www.FreezingMoon.org Dread Knight

    Yeah, kinda sad every party pushes linux into another direction so to say.

  • Mike

    Hi; There is no way that i can download the package to install it?, cuz i gotn mi internet broken so i dant download it from mi home.

  • http://www.FreezingMoon.org Dread Knight

    Odd indeed Canonical picked this name, “unity”, after there was an engine with that name out there and there was quite some time spent on gnome-shell; more like “forking” than unitity, but It seems Unity will be more usable and make more sense in the long run than gnome-shell, so I’m looking forward to it.

  • Lori

    Nevermind. Noob figured it out on her own… need to set login screen from Administration > Login Screen to Unity. Now I can experience the Love!

    Thanks for this post, btw.

  • Prateek Jadhwani

    Dude, can u make it 4 kubuntu i downloaded it but its nt working on kubuntu………help me plz

  • Mel

    So much better than Gnome Shell!!!

  • peter ehlert

    sudo apt-get install ubuntu-netbook-unity-default-settings failed. why?

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  • http://jjesse.wordpress.com Jonathan Jesse

    Here’s the problem for me, performance and battery life. Had full battery after doing my update… went to battery power and in 10 minutes down to 50%, and it is just going faster and faster. Running a Dell Mini 9 laptop w/ 1 GB of RAM on Lucid w/ the PPA installed. Posted this as a question on LP Answers for unity team.

    Also when I try to search on something, nothing shows up, abosulutly nothing, so this update is full of fail for me


  • http://jjesse.wordpress.com Jonathan Jesse

    Ubuntu Unity is built around GNOME, on Kubuntu you are using Kubutnu. Did you get a bunch of other packagtes to install when you installed this????? If so when you were prompted to use GDM or KDM which did you choose? In your login manager did you select Unity?

    I am currently running Ubuntu Unity with the Kubuntu Netbook packages installed

  • tommy

    this noob just wishes he could get a clear program that would work out the installer to play ddo and keep the browsers from slowing down and if any one needs the working version of the link-sys wusb600n driver for there system i got it if you still have the original cd with drivers for your adapter so do you

  • Tommy.S

    No one is pulling Linux to different directions.Linux means Linux kernel, what is just the operating system (Linux kernel is monolithic, not a microkernel!) and what Canonical is now doing is playing around with GUI what is not part of the OS. The OS (= Linux kernel) is intact but you can swap how many different softwares you want what draws you different window/desktop environment.

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  • tobias domhan

    is unity already fully usable? or is it still under heavy development?

  • jargon

    More pointlessness. Saving vertical screen pixels by sacrificing horizontal screen pixels. Ubuntu is all cynicism now.

    And Jonathan Jesse, good luck getting an answer. There’s not much in the way of testing anymore over at Canonical. The focus is full on eyecandy, or rather perceived eyecandy.

  • Pete

    Looks like Windows 3 Program Manager to me. Are we going back to the future?

  • Fabian

    Barely impressive! The lower half is only unused vertical space and the upper quarter looks completely cluttered with its 3 or 4 bars.

  • https://launchpad.net/~crimsun Dan Chen
  • lorenzo522

    I tried but I don’t like it

    How can I remove it?

  • Fabian

    Please don’t tell me you deleted my previous comment! Can’t handle criticism of those who don’t “absolutely love it”? That’s really weak for a “community manager”!

  • http://www.braintube.com Matthew

    Is that screen shot from Maverick? The Lucid version looks nothing like that.

  • Aldon

    Are you stupid or just idk? If you measure the computer screen, you will see that there are more horizontal pixels than vertical pixels. That’s why they do all of that stuff, and also, it saves space, more than you could imagine.

    P.S. : It looks beautiful, better than all the other OSes that you could think of. (Fanboy-ism is growing large these days, especially over stuff that are really hideous.)

  • jono

    No, it was in the moderation queue. Thanks for jumping to conclusions. 😉

  • http://bettermefree.co.uk Colton

    This is a new Ubuntu rollout? I would love to be able to use Ubuntu but I lack the comprehension! I have tried a couple times to use it but I just can’t seem to cope with it. Windows XP has me by the… Yeah.

  • http://paydayloansinseconds.com Paul

    I love ubuntu! If you have yet to use it, then I suggest you give it a try. Whereas Windows Vista/7 are very flawed (still!) ubuntu seems very stable.

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