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Fixing Ubuntu Software Center Descriptions

The Ubuntu Software Center is making some rocking progress, but as everyone’s favorite Dr Vish suggests, it is only a container for other content, and we need to fix and improve the descriptions of apps inside Ubuntu to make it easier for users. This is a wonderful contribution to Ubuntu. Want to get involved? Simple, […]

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Red Hat, Canonical and GNOME Contributions

Earlier this week at GUADEC, the always affable Dave Neary presented his GNOME Census work. Unfortunately, I was not there to see it, but I read his excellent post on the topic. One of the reactions from the survey was that Red Hat are responsible for 16% of the contributions to GNOME whereas Canonical are […]

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Ubuntu Global Jam: Start Your Engines!

Are you good folks aware of what is happening on 27th – 29th August 2010. But of course, it is the Ubuntu Global Jam! In the last few cycles we have organized and run an event called the Ubuntu Global Jam. The idea was simple: encourage our awesome global Ubuntu community to get together in […]

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Awesome GUADEC Espresso and Coffee Bar

I have always been a fan of helping in any way I can to encourage people to support small organizations and businesses who are doing their best to be successful by working hard and providing a friendly, honest service. For the earlier part of this week I am in The Hague at GUADEC, and I […]

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Team Reporting

Some time ago we created the Team Reporting facility in Ubuntu, and I am pleased to see that LoCo Teams are using Team Reports to kep us all up to date on the awesome progress going on across the community. I just wanted to remind you good folks of where to find the reports and […]

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The Five Horsemen

Last week I was in Prague with my team; the first with Ahmed since he joined. It was an awesome week and it was useful to checkpoint our progress. We also took the first ever full team photos of us, first in our room and second at the end of the week having a drink: […]

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Community Leadership Summit 2010 This Weekend!

Hope all of you lovely people are doing well and are primed and ready for an awesome Community Leadership Summit 2010 this weekend on Sat 17th and Sun 18th July 2010! We have an absolutely incredible list of registered attendees and the event is shaping up to be an fantastic opportunity to discuss community management, […]

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Ahmed Kamal Joins The Horsemen

I am pleased to announce that Ahmed Kamal has joined my team at Canonical to build the Ubuntu Cloud Community. Although Ahmed’s formal background is Electronics and Communications engineering, he was always a Linux geek at heart. He touched his first Linux CD in 1998 with Red Hat 5.x and has been hooked ever since. […]

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Severed Fifth Update

I just wanted to provide another quick update on the latest goings on in my Free Culture music band, Severed Fifth. As ever, you can always get the latest updates on Severed Fifth on our website, in the forums, and on Twitter. The New Album The up-coming as yet untitled new album, which follows up […]

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Rocking The LoCo Council

I just wanted to take a moment to highlight the incredible work going on with the Ubuntu LoCo Council who are working hard to govern the Loco community and ensure everything is running smoothly. The LoCo Council have also been two key IRC events in each month that everyone is welcome to attend: LoCo Council […]

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