Talking To Oracle About The MySQL Community

Recently I was invited to go on the Oracle TechCast video show to talk about community within the context of MySQL.

I was joined by Luke Kowalski, Oracle VP in the Corporate Architecture Group, and we discussed a range of topics. The primary message I took to the show was that (a) we should not pre-judge Oracle yet for their stewardship of the MySQL based on the fear of what could happen, but I also made it clear to Luke that (b) Oracle needs to make a firm commitment to acting within the culture and ethos of Open Source to have an effective, fulfilling relationship with the MySQL community.

You can see the full interview below:

Can’t see the video? Check it out here!

  • Marcus

    Is there a free (as in no Flash etc.) version of the video?

  • Benjamim Gois

    Nice interview. It’s awesome to see these kind of interview with an Ubuntu member like you Jono. I raised very good points and represents the community very well. congrats !

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