Sound Indicator

I am totally digging the sound menu that is shipping in the development branch of Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat:

It feels well designed, implemented and sleek. Great work mpt and Conor!

  • DrKenobi

    Looks nice!

  • NickG

    That’s really nice, bravo guys. If I could offer one piece of request it would be on the ellipsised text and that would be to allow it to scroll back and forth, or loop continuously in a similar vein to Winamp. Static ellipsised with letters either size looks less elegant.

    Thanks for working on this though – it really is these little flourishes that make Ubuntu the OS of choice for so many.

  • François

    Nice, but it can be improved. Don’t you find the margins a bit weird at the bottom (above and below the player buttons?)

  • slankes

    This looks like a good idea.

    Is this work being done upstream or is it a ubuntu-only addition?

  • Dread Knight

    I hate rhythmbox, but I love the indicator; hope till 10.10 gets released that it will support coverart and track progress… and more players :)

    A way to be able to go beyond 100% volume from there would be nice too.

  • Corey Burger

    Horizontal volume change bar == FAIL. Volume goes up and down, therefor so should the volume changer.

  • Gautier

    Why not using standard buttons instead of bitmaps for player controls?

  • Gautier

    It’s nice to merge audio applets, don’t get me wrong. I just want perfection!

  • Alex

    Hello, The “Mute All” text seems to be a title for the other options. It’s not obvious that clicking the text label will mute or unmute the voice.

    Change it to a checkbox or button.

  • jono

    …not all physical and on-screen volume sliders go up and down. Just because we refer to it as “up” and “down” doesn’t (in my mind) mean it needs to match that. Furthermore, I would argue that left-to-right volume sliders, and the icons that indicate loudness will be pretty clear.

    I am willing to bet not that many users will be confused by the slider.

  • Wouter

    Do we need sound preferences in there?

  • TrueTom
    • Using a menu entry for Mute makes it non obvious
    • Placing Mute at the top is bad since the volume control gets used most
    • The placement of the volume slider makes it hard to use, esp with a trackpad
    • Displaying title information is pointless if you can’t read them esp with Ubuntu’s too huge font settings
    • The player controls are pretty inconsistent with everything else
    • The spacing is completly off
    • There is no visual consistence whatsoever
  • Yann

    I agree with truetom… But what I find most confusing is to put controls for totem in the sound volume panel? Shouldn’t the sound menu be about sound? It looks really out of place to me…

  • Jannis

    Can rhythmbox be replaced by a different media player in this indicator or is this concept made explicitly for rhythmbox?

    The design and layout of the indicator is a bit awkward IMHO. It’s not obvious that you can click on “Mute All” and “Sound Preferences…” because they don’t look like buttons to me. The control buttons (prev, play/pause, next) are isolated from the rest and don’t really fit into the overall widget style. And the spacing is really weird as well.

    The idea of integrating volume control and music player is nice though, perhaps this could be altered a little bit to show only the application(s) that actually play(s) sound when the user clicks on the indicator (like video players etc.). Dunno, I’d just find it confusing if I played a video in totem and clicked on the volume indicator and then being presented with information about rhythmbox.

    Cheers, Jannis

  • Mez

    Does it allow you to see what level (%age) your volume is at yet? I hate having to go into alsamixer to find out

  • blankthemuffin

    Instead of having all that artwork and play/pause in the sound menu, maybe there could be some kind of linking between appindicators.

    So we have the sound applet, with a list of applications playing sound and their per-application volume control. But where each application’s title (provided it has an appindicator) is a link which makes you jump to that application’s menu.

    Not really sure if that’d be worth it, but I don’t particularly like the huge amount of space used and seeming lack of per-application volume control?

    Unless the per-application control is being hidden unless there’s more than one app? Which I’d disagree with because you could easily have the app turned down and be wondering why max volume is suddenly so soft.

  • luzon

    Sorry, but I do not like the design of the previous/pause/next controls. They look like from my $10 MP3 player stick. As if it wants to stamp in my face.

  • Marco Barisione

    That looks quite ugly tbh, just add a couple more things and it will look like KDE… How would that work if you have multiple audio streams?

  • staiiff

    Hey ! Looks nice indeed, but what the point of putting player controls in a sound volume applet while player applet just next to it should allow to do the same work ? Imho putting only something like per-application volume control the same way it exists in PA preferences seems far more consistent.

  • Fab

    You guys need to change the way the text is displayed. Why have a track listing at all if you have no clue what track is playing because the text is so severly shortened?

    Other than that it looks amazing. I especially like the buttons. Well done! Now you only need to switch to Banshee and it would be perfect. :)

  • anonim

    So now you don’t really need the rhythmbox indicator for anything right?

  • Anon

    Nice, but… Since vertical space is not a real issue here, I think the cover should not next to the artist name and track title. The problem is visible in your screenshot, the artist name doesn’t fit.

    The Play/Next/Previous button looks awkward and “alien”, not really integrated with the look of Ubuntu, but I guess that will change before the release of Maverick, just like what happened to the ubuntu-mono icons (that I really like) in the last cycle.

  • http://na Aoirthoir An Broc

    Will we have the option to display a sound indicator without all of the other stuff? I don’t want my music player to show up in my volume control, that’s what the music player indicator is for. So hopefully yall give it to us at least as an option to display what we want (and nothing more) in the sound indicator.

    Having said that, this does look amazing and this last version of Ubuntu’s been the first one that I had no issues with. Good job!

  • Mateus

    why did you used this ugly gradient for the controls? it doesn’t fit together! I made a quick mockup!


  • Matt

    I agree with True Tom. The idea is good, but graphically it’s all wrong, especially the album and track titles: a text should be readable and understandable, and that is definitely not understandable. Man, in the title I can read only the “The”. Sorry, but it feels poorly designed to me. They need a User Experience Advocate.

  • Forest

    I like the idea but it looks very unfinished to me. For one, those pause/back/forward buttons look out of place with the rest of Ubuntu’s theme. The shading on them looks cheap; I think it would have looked nicer if they had gone with a simpler design, like a simple white silhouette of a pause/back/forward symbol.

    I also agree with Corey that the horizontal volume changer == fail; it confuses me every time I use it in Lucid, and also, it’s weird the way that the album’s title is chopped up with dots in the middle. And then there are spacing issues with that huge amount of padding at the bottom.

    Actually, the more that I think about it, I really do not like this sound menu. :-(

  • Joern Konopka

    I think the controls maybe could Be integrated nicer, but they sure look like some .png graphics so i’m gonna mess with them anyways. I’m a little astounded how few seem to have read the docs for the indicators,otherwise it would Be known that the UI Team is Smart enouh to figure out that duplicated applets make Little to no Sense and this won’t be reproduced until october.

  • Jer

    It feels well designed, implemented and sleek.

    I disagree, it feels hacked in. The idea is good though. This is a much nicer layout:

  • Jones Lee

    Nice work, imho Mute All and Sound Preferences should be hidden. User can go in Control Panel to change the Sound setting if they like.

  • Michael

    On my laptop, volume certainly goes from left to right. It’s marked out right there on the buttons above the keyboard. Same on my iPod. Same on the thing that pops up on my TV. My speakers, on the other hand, have a dial. Clockwise=louder. Maybe we should have a nice circular volume slider?

  • Christian

    As long as the scrollwheel works as expected, I don’t care whether it is horizontal or vertical. i.e. scroll up ? louder, scroll down ? decrease volume.

    (I hate totem for seeking in the opposite direction than what I expect with mousewheel, amongst other reasons)

  • Kai Mast

    I find it really ugly that you try to merge everything in to as few indicators as possible. I have a 1440×900 and already a lot of space with the current setup.

    Let me use my vertical space

  • Eddward

    Aside from the issue that others have already pointed out, it does look nice. But will it only work for users using pulseaudio? I have to disable pulse to get acceptable sound. I currently have no sound indicator in lucid as a result. The sound indicator in the notification area vanishes with PA and I have to add my own icon to launch a mixer.

  • mpt

    Yes, there are many details still to be tidied up.

  • mpt

    Unfortunately Jono has oversold this a bit. 😉 As many of you have pointed out, the menu obviously is not “well designed, implemented and sleek”, yet. It’s pre-beta software, and there are many things still to be tidied up. The spacing and alignment will be fixed. The appearance of the buttons will be fixed. The unhelpfully short title will be fixed. So, don’t panic.

  • Tonipc

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  • Tonipc

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