The Five Horsemen

Last week I was in Prague with my team; the first with Ahmed since he joined. It was an awesome week and it was useful to checkpoint our progress.

We also took the first ever full team photos of us, first in our room and second at the end of the week having a drink:

Thanks to Gord for the photos.

This photo makes me feel incredibly to be part of such an awesome team. Rock and roll!

  • Daniel Holbach

    Compare Jono’s and my face on the first one. 😛

  • Scott Lavender

    You should talk to Mark about securing some proper tables and chairs for your room so you don’t have to lie on the floor 😉

  • Aoirthoir An Broc

    Alright bucko! If there isn’t Guinness in a glass, don’t show it! And I mean that! Or not. I think. Or something else entirely 😀

    Now I must go get a durink. Hic.

  • Bastian Kennel

    Also you didn’t seem to change clothes that often. Or … at all?