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Operation Cleansweep: We Need YOU!

One of the most critical components in any flourishing community is to ensure contributions that are offered in good faith are fairly reviewed in a timely manner. Unfortunately, the success of Ubuntu has resulted in more contributions than we have had time to review, and Nigel Babu is leading the way to encourage the community […]

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The End Of Shot Of Jaq

Today we published our final Shot Of Jaq. You can listen to it here. Shot Of Jaq was our experiment into whether podcasting could be turned on it’s head a little and instead of being a long show (such as what we did with LugRadio, could be a short, sharp burst of content to start […]

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Sound Indicator

I am totally digging the sound menu that is shipping in the development branch of Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat: It feels well designed, implemented and sleek. Great work mpt and Conor!

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Indicator Panel Menu Rocks The House

Recently we have been investing in creating an implementation of a panel-based menu that we are planning on shipping with the 10.10 version of the Ubuntu Netbook Edition. As with our other projects, this is entirely Open Source and you can download, test and play with it from this page. So far for testing purposes […]

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Ubuntu Developer Week Coming Up!

I am pleased that Ubuntu Developer Week is now announced and ready for the masses. The glorious week of Ubuntu development tutorials and sharing of know-how happens from Monday July 12th 2010 to Friday July 16th 2010. You can see the timetable for the week here. Throughout the week we have an awesome set of […]

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Talking To Oracle About The MySQL Community

Recently I was invited to go on the Oracle TechCast video show to talk about community within the context of MySQL. I was joined by Luke Kowalski, Oracle VP in the Corporate Architecture Group, and we discussed a range of topics. The primary message I took to the show was that (a) we should not […]

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