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Incredible Stories Of Free Software and Open Source

A little while back I blogged about wanting to reconnect with our ethos. In a continuation of that theme I am keen to talk about stories. I have talked about stories quite a bit in my writings on community management (particularly so in my book The Art of Community). Stories are important entities in communities […]

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On Zareason

These views are my own, and not necessarily those of Canonical. Some time back the always awesome Earl and Cathy from Zareason loaned me one of their Strata laptops to play with. I met them at an event some time before, and while I had heard of Zareason, I really knew nothing about them. Since […]

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This Friday: Rockridge Ubuntu Global Jam In Berkeley

Just a quick reminder: as part of our awesome Ubuntu Global Jam I am organizing the Ubuntu California Rockridge Jam at A’cuppa Tea, College Ave, Berkeley. The jam is from 10am – 6pm – I hope to see you there! Don’t live near me? Go and find your nearest jam or organize your own!

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Rocking The Application Indicators

Some time back the Ayatana project introduced the Application Indicator Framework, based upon technology created by the KDE project. We have been shipping this technology in Ubuntu for a few releases now and it makes the top-right part of the desktop a smooth, efficient, and pleasant experience, getting over the inconsistent and limiting notification area […]

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Articulating IRC Contributions Concisely

Today I had a call with Jussi from the Ubuntu IRC Council. We spent some time discussing a range of different topics, but then Jussi raised an important question which I think could benefit from some community discussion. Today we have many methods of providing free support for our users – the Ubuntu Forums, Launchpad […]

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Revisiting Ethos

When I first heard about Free Software in 1998 I was mesmerized by it’s potential. Sure, back then the software was complex and some would argue ugly, but underneath the rough edges was a thing of beauty — the opportunity for people to come together to make new things, and anyone with the inclination and […]

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Getting More Developers Interested In Participating In Ubuntu

I am just beginning to get into the planning stages for the next cycle for my team, and as part of this cycle we would like to really focus on attracting more developers to participate in Ubuntu. We would like to see more people interested in getting involved in packaging, fixing bugs, and joining our […]

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11.04 Ubuntu Developer Summit Announced

Hot on the heels of the announcement of the Natty Narwhal, I am tickled pink to announce the details of the next Ubuntu Developer Summit taking place in Orlando, USA from 25th – 29th October 2010. We also have a brand new Ubuntu Developer Summit website which provides all the details about how to get […]

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Help Colin Get His Kids Back

I don’t tend to blog about appeals, but I came across this terribly sad story and I really want to encourage you all too also pledge and support him. Here is what happened, written by a friend of Colin: Colin & I have been close friends for 13 years when we started our MBA program […]

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On Visibility And Change

OK, before I begin, this is going to be a terribly presented ramble. I have written it, proof read it, and proof read it again, and it still sounds like a child with a crayon wrote it. This is because my thoughts are unstructured, but I am keen to share them anyway. Patience is appreciated, […]

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