Ubuntu 11.04 To Ship Unity

Mark just announced at the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Orlando that we will be shipping the Unity environment in the Ubuntu desktop edition. Unity is the environment we shipped on the Ubuntu Netbook Edition for the first time in Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat, and users and OEMs have been enjoying the experience. It is an environment that is inspired by great design, touch, and a strong and integrated experience.

I think this is a fantastic opportunity for Free Software, and this is going to be a busy cycle. We have a lot of work to do, and we know that quality is a firm focus for this release, and we have identified a solid set of issues we need to focus on and resolve, but I know the final product will be something that we will all be proud of. Another key focus is performance; we have already started porting Unity from mutter to Compiz and the initial work is much faster, most notably on hardware that has traditionally had the most trouble from bug reports. Quality meets design meets performance. Together as a community we can make this rock.

There is going to be some questions about this decision in relation to GNOME. I want to make something crystal clear: Ubuntu is a GNOME distribution, we ship the GNOME stack, we will continue to ship GNOME apps, and we optimize Ubuntu for GNOME. The only difference is that Unity is a different shell for GNOME, but we continue to support the latest GNOME Shell development work in the Ubuntu archives.

If anyone has any questions, I will be running around the Ubuntu Developer Summit like a headless chicken, so feel free to grab me here if you have any questions, and I will get online to respond to queries when I get time away from sessions.

Thanks, folks.

  • Mel

    Yessss!!!!!!!!!! I love it! Compiz + Unity will rock!!! Oh one more thing, please let us use Docky instead of the Unity launcher if we decide to replace Unity’s launcher!

  • Neo

    I suspected a fork was coming and here it is. Good decision to make it obvious instead of dragging it both ways.

  • http://indochino-review.blogspot.com/ Lorenz

    wow, I love it – will yet give another boost to the great ubuntu desktop!

  • Jay

    Hmm. I don’t think I’m really into this idea. I was warming up to GNOME Shell. I assume we’re going to be able switch UIs still, but I can’t say I really like this. Granted I haven’t thought about it much, but I think that a desktop and a netbook/tablet/touch device have fudnamentally different purposes and thus require a different UI. Having one that tries to satsify both needs probably won’t work too well for either in the end. And I think there are better ways Ubuntu could spend efforts than on, while not replicating, in some ways duplicating the efforts of GNOME. Just my initial thoughts/reaction. Happy to be persuaded or informed otherwise.

    Further thoughts: Isn’t Unity still beta and kind of buggy/feature-incomplete? Isn’t that a big move to claim it’ll be the default UI for the next release?

    Why not have Unity installed but not be the default UI? Give users a choice out of the box.

  • Rehdon

    How is forcing use of an UI designed for small screen devices “a fantastic opportunity for Free Software”? Or am I misunderstanding sthing here?

    I sure won’t be using a “Unitized” Gnome on my computers. So, either 11.04 will have a quick and easy way to revert to sane defaults, and will be so awesome that I’ll forgive this inconvenience, or I will have to look for another Gnome distro.


  • http://jonathancarter.org Jonathan Carter

    I was quite disappointed when I heard about this initially, but when I read what you said about the mutter to compiz migration, that changes everything. Compiz is awesome and probably the #1 reason why I use Gnome in the first place!

  • Zaid

    Hi All very interesting . Ubuntu is the Best I want to subscribe with you in developing open source software , please help me

  • Boo Radley

    Ugh… one of the dumbest things Canonical has done…

    Unity is just plain awful… Stupid left task bar; doesn’t follow the way people are used to working with desktops; several inconsistencies in the UI….

    I know it can be taken out rather easily, but PLEASE PLEASE don’t make it the default – you will alienate so many of your users – you’ll see….

  • Reality Check

    I was afraid of this, the Unity interface has some nice ideas, but it’s half baked at best. For me it’s not usable at all. Please don’t ship something that causes grief for your users next time.

    I hope the Gnome Shell won’t be a second class citizen because people still want to customize how their desktops look like and what tools they use to navigate it.

  • anonymous

    But why? I haven’t seen any reasons given for this move. Why does Mark feel they can’t make GNOME Shell work for Ubuntu?

  • http://smspillaz.wordpress.com Sam Spilsbury

    I might just add that as a compiz developer I wholly think this transition is awesome.

  • Akshat

    Compiz has blacklisted my 82845G/GL [Brookdale-G], is the issue with xserver-xorg-intel resolved now?

  • http://j1m.net Jim Campbell

    I don’t have any trouble with Ubuntu using Unity if that’s what the group thinks is best.

    I do have concerns that the Unity project requires signing any contributor copyrights to Canonical, and that (because Canonical would solely hold the Copyright) those contributions could eventually be made proprietary.

    I understand that it is a big IF . . . a lot of things would need to happen for that to take place. But Fedora/Red Hat, Novell, and even Nokia (with QT) don’t require contributor copyrights to be assigned to their respective corporations.

    I hope that Canonical will reconsider this practice, and see that it is to their benefit to not do it, as it will encourage adoption of their work (limiting the splintering within open source land), and will encourage contributors to give freely.

    We’ll see how things go. Thanks for letting everyone know up front about the change, though.

  • ethana2

    Well, gnome apps where they exist. Seeing as there is no complete, stable gnome native office suite (Abiword mangles the living crap out of every document it touches and a slide show creator.. doesn’t exist), I would like Ubuntu to ship KOffice, since it works with the AppMenu bar… among other advantages of using a real GUI toolkit.

  • ethana2

    Plus, given the level of bloat in OpenOffice, I wouldn’t be surprised if shipping half of KDE in a default install actually saved disk space.

  • blah

    If I’m forced to use an interface for a netbook/touchscreen on my desktop you can expect to lose at least one user, permanently. Probably a lot more, judging by the amount of negative comments that have mysteriously disappeared from the page.

  • blah

    Incidentally Jim Campbell hit the -real- reason for this move right on the head. Unity is licensed in such a way that copyright is assigned to Canonical if you contribute. I’m guessing they’re planning on keeping it open-source just long enough to get it into a usable state before they pull the rug out from under everyone.

  • http://neal.mcburnett.org/ Neal McBurnett

    I’m afraid this is exactly the wrong way to make and announce this sort of decision. I haven’t tried Unity myself, and I don’t have an axe to grind either way.

    As others have said, start with your reasoning: some sort of problem statement, and why you think Unity is the answer on the desktop.

    Then stop requiring assignment for copyright, or explain why it you think is in everyone’s best interest.

    For folks that don’t know much about it, point to some demos, existing plans for enhancement, etc.

  • Simon

    Running 10.10 on my netbook, I’ve not been at all impressed with the version of Unity shipped with it. It looks pretty, but that’s about it – the UI eats far too much space to be usable.

    Web sites are typically designed for 1024 minimum and netbooks have a 1024 pixel wide screen – having the shell eat some 60 pixels of that is utterly unacceptable, breaking the layouts of a lot of common sites, and compressing others.

  • http://jonathancarter.org Jonathan Carter

    There was a Project Harmony session today where this was discussed. One of the things mentioned was that a contributor agreement could contain conditions where the copyright assignee would agree to not license the software under a proprietary license, or possibly under only a very limited set of other, OSI approved license.

  • Bawb

    A real GUI toolkit? GTK+’s just fine. As for the OO quib, it’s java-based AND oracel/sun software, for that it’s doing just fine (though bloated and slow, it’s getting better).

  • Josh

    I just thought about this, this will be released at the same time as Gnome Shell. Why not just keep the shell? It’s already faster, is improving by the day, and will allow developers and themers to contribute MUCH more readily (because of javascript/gjs and css). I’m not fond of SELinux.. but I’ll be taking another look at fedora when gnome shell comes out :)

  • oOarthurOo

    Well, Unity on the desktop at least makes more sense than a netbook. I installed it on a netbook with an atomn410 and 2GB of ram and intel graphics, and it was basically unusable. Beautiful, but unusable. Think Vista on 1GB of ram.

    But really, hasn’t canonical thought at all about just forking gnome? It’d give them the freedom to do so much more, without having pesky upstream bothering you about details like compatibility work on things like zeitgist.

  • http://www.souobenoi.pl Leszek

    I don’t think this a very good idea. Gnome Shell is beginning to look very good. Unity is ok, but on a small screen. Can You imagine that UI on a 1920×1200 display?

    If there was a choice during installation (like openSuSE does with all available WMs) it would be very good.

    I’m afraid that Ubuntu is going to loose users and gain very little or nothing.

  • Timothy

    I’m not sure I understand why you would want to force something like this on ubuntu users…sounds very applish to me.You’ve already moved the close icons on the windows to the left (applish) whats next? No flash?

  • http://tuxrocket.com Dave Lyon

    Others have mentioned this, but even the Ubuntu site says that Unity “is designed for highly mobile computing with larger icons and a more touch-intuitive interface” and later “”. Why would this be chosen as the default UI for my stationary, mouse-driven desktop computer.

    If it’s to simplify development and target one UI that I understand. But taking bicycle handlebars and putting them in my car isn’t usually going to be a wise or popular decision.

  • Dennis

    Glad you brought this up. I didn’t know about this and have a feeling that many other don’t either.

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  • madf0x

    Bleh, if you are going to use something like that go for the clutter UI on the current notebooks, you get the appeal of unity without that ugly THING on the side.

    Although Im sure there will be a way around it I hope they invest into making the process simplified. Even if I can, Id rather not dig through configs and repos in order to change it.

  • Jonathan Windham

    Please refrain from going to unity, its obvious that we don’t like it on our desktops. Refrain or I will have to refrain from donating.

    GNOME is The very heart And soul Of Ubuntu. you’ve said it yourself, so lets keep it that way.

  • Jonathan Windham

    How is this relevant? Please lets keep this relevant.

    Also go here (3rd Google search result) for the fix.

    http://forum.compiz.org/viewtopic.php?f=114&t=10238&start=20 is what you are looking for.

  • http://j1m.net Jim Campbell

    Thanks, Jonathan.

    I wonder what good it would do if a contribution were able to be relicensed under something like a BSD license, though. It wouldn’t be difficult to go from GPL > BSD > We Own Your Code Muahahaha.

    I guess we’d have to be careful about that, too.

    I will look at the notes about the Harmony session. Thanks again for the info.

  • http://www.pcsamurai.com PC Samurai

    but but but… i dont use compiz. :(

  • Drew

    Those of you who are complaining about Unity being the “default” UI and worrying about its stability/funcionality in a desktop environment, do you realize that Unity is a PPA/addon to ubuntu…in other words, when I’m at the login screen for Ubuntu, at the bottom there is a selection box where I can choose Unity or Ubuntu Desktop and then proceed to login as usual. I’m sure this will be the same in 11.04

  • http://www.category5.tv/newsroom/2010/10/ubuntu-unity-will-breathe-life-back-into-the-compiz-window-manager/ Ubuntu Unity will breathe life back into the Compiz window manager. – The Category5.TV Newsroom

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    […] Bacon of Ubuntu fame has posted in an article that Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) will be shipping with Unity instead of Gnome Shell. Unity was […]

  • Stephen Gentle

    Best of luck, but as Dave Neary said in his article about the topic, this is putting brand over having a better product – writing a shell is a lot harder than it seems at first and many projects that have tried to roll their own have failed.

    As for me, I’m glad I switched to Fedora a few months ago.

  • David

    Hmmm, I don’t know anything about Unity, but I played with Compiz effects, Gnome Do, various docks, and other pretty stuff on a standard Gnome installation for a couple of months on my desktop (AMD/Asus/ATI). My main requirements were the ability to work with Blender 3D and have perfect HD video playback using VLC player, neither of which were possible with Compiz compositing on my system. Given the choice between pretty desktop effects that slow my system and hog lots of memory, and functional programs that work the way they should without elaborate workarounds, I’ll take functionality any day.

    Now, Gnome is gone and XFCE (Xubuntu) has taken its place. I liked Xubuntu so much on my desktop that I installed it on my netbook (Dell Mini 10v) too.

  • http://www.ubuntugeek.com/ubuntu-11-04-to-ship-unity.html Ubuntu 11.04 To Ship Unity | Ubuntu Geek

    […] Full Story […]

  • Subhashish


    The previous Unity used Mutter but the new unity will use Compiz and I hope the performance will better the previous one largely.

    Just because the older unity was ‘awful’ doesn’t mean that the new one can’t be ‘awesome’. There is always room for improvement. I am happy with the switch. Oooh Compiz!

    I will gladly wait for Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal.

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  • Frank

    This is not a good decision. Not at all. People don’t need and want totally new ways to work with computers. They need stable and bug free OS. Instead of focusing on this kind of problems, you will develop something completely new which will have twice more bugs and be unfinished. Why do you think people have refused Linux on netbooks and preferred Windows XP? Because vendors put cool netbook environments there, but users wanted a classic desktop experience they know. Refusing GNOME Shell because it’s not going to have a global menu? Are you serious? Switching window buttons to the left, monochromatic icons, purple colours, global menu,… do you really want to have just a cheap version of Mac OS X? This is not a fantastic opportunity for free software. This may bury all GNOME desktop. The current shell will be left behind and we will have two unfinished, buggy experiments.

  • Jackie McGhee


  • Rudi

    Ubuntu without Gnome-Shell?

    No thank you – I’ll on the way back to debian


  • http://www.zdnet.de/news/wirtschaft_investition_software_ubuntu_kommt_kuenftig_mit_eigener_oberflaeche_unity_story-39001022-41539805-1.htm Anonymous

    […] […]

  • tardoproto

    One step further in Canonical’s plan of total downstream, branding, end-user experience world domination.

    Jim Campbell got it absolutely right. Unity allows for proprietary re-licensing (which kills copyleft). GNOME doesn’t.

    Time to test Fedora, give GnewSense a second chance and, maybe, Linux Mint Debian…

  • Flake

    Unity for desktops by default => no go!

  • Grahame

    Well, I’ll be telling all my friends to shift to Fedora, and recommending Fedora to the Linux-curious.

    What with copyright assignment requirements, Canonical’s lack of open participation in the GNOME community… best of luck, but Ubuntu is doomed.

  • Stephan

    This is great news! Gnome Shell indeed takes a wrong turn as did KDE. I am happy you fill the vacuum!

  • mechanic

    Unity isn’t bad but it’s not yet finished. Netbooks clearly need a new kind of interface, it’s not trivial to get a decent one in 1024×600 pixels. Big screen systems on the desktop are better suited to the traditional Gnome GUI. There are several attempts at the netbook GUI (whatever happened to UNE?), I think the Meego people are on the right track.

  • kaddy

    Just when I thought that Canonical couldn’t possibly make any more bad Decisions… I read this….

    First of all… Unity in it’s current State is a pile of Garbage… it’s slow, it’s confusing, it reduces productivity, it’s featureless and the Overall Design is bad… real bad… Canonical were stupid enough to push this half baked unfinished UI on a Final Release and Now that want to put it on the Desktop? Sorry guys… But that is unprofessional… it shouldn’t of been implemented until it was good and ready and neither should the upcoming unity varient on the Desktop…. Canonical are rushing and pushing software before it is ready… Here is my review of Unity


    and it has not improved since…. Canonical… you need to ensure software is feature complete and STABLE before pushing it as default.

  • Stephan

    @Boo and others: there sure are inconsistencies right now. But look at the Gnome mailing lists. Gnome Shell is hotly debated and far from perfect. Unity + Compiz has one big advantage though: written in Vala and C++ it is much more resource efficient than Gnome Shell which is written in Javascript. It does not matter with all those powerful i5 and i7 out there? Yes it sure does if every project thinks it does not matter. And an ever increasing share of the market is not willing to fund ever increasing processor speeds – look at the popularity of netbooks.

    @Jim: Either this grows successful. In this case the community will fork at any point in time if Canonical grows dictatorial and more commercial than we wish. Look at Open Office and Libre Office. Or it turns out to be unpopular. Mark looses millions without furthering his cause. This should not be your problem as there are distributions out there who’ll have Gnome 3 by default. Some will sure be based on Ubuntu. Mark has any right to bet his money and Ubuntu’s reputation that he has a better idea. Choice is good and I do not see the problem with rights.

  • Sudsiv

    Well, you dont want to critisize them just yet. They’ve made the best operating system so far and theyre probably still going to have the best operating system in years to come. Wait till they’ve released natty to critisize them.

  • kaddy

    well… they have released 10.10 and done a half baked job with unity… why can’t I criticise them for their last efforts? I’m not hating on Ubuntu… because I like alot of what has gone into it so far… but some of the technical decision making is mind blowing…. indeed I will judge “again” when the next cycle comes, but if they do a half baked job last time round… what is to say that the next version won’t be half baked too? we will see….

    I hope I am wrong… Because I want Ubuntu to succeed, and it is frustrating seeing bad decisons made on a product that we want to see successful

  • blah

    So you think that choice is good but you don’t see any problem with Canonical limiting your choice by forcing you to assign copyright to them on any contributions you make?

    Interesting. How much are they paying you, shill?

  • Chris

    @Ubuntu: Wrong decision.

  • Tom Wright

    GTK is good. The same cannot be said of the archaic technology which still underlies OpenOffice’s interface.

  • http://www.penguintechservices.com Andrew

    Interesting comments all round, so I will add my 2 cents worth.

    I’ve tried 10.10 Unity and can’t say that it supported my hardware very well. So I’m not all that impressed.

    However, ‘Innovation comes from challenging the norm or pushing the boundaries’.

    11.04 is five months away, with 12.04 LTS 17 months away, a lot of development/feedback time.

    Lets see how it turns out. If you don’t like it then there are other distributions out there!

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  • Vladimir

    Gnome dies, you’re trying to support him. This is a waste of resources. There are already very stable, beautiful, modern platform KDE. Large community … Is it not better to choose that is willing to spend a beautiful modern and resources to improving it. It will be much faster, more efficient, more practical. KDE I personally like the IT specialists are used on all client computers

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  • D-G

    Thanks for making this decision. Ubuntu has been slowly degenerating into a mess for some versions now. Unity is the last drop for me. Canonical, you’re not smarter than Apple, or even Microsoft. You’re not even in the same ballpark. Don’t pretend that you are.

    I’m all for shaking up the Linux desktop world that has become so comfortably numb in its little niche. But Canonical isn’t cut out for this job. You don’t have a leader, you don’t have the skills, you don’t have a vision. More than anything else Ubuntu is an erratic and eclectic mess right now.

    My standard desktop OS from now on will be “Windows 7″. Again. A sad day. But I’m not willing to play guinea pig every six months — there being LTS versions or not — just to get a “new” half-baked UI overhaul, while bugs big and small continue to lurk under the surface.

  • Charles Warner

    What impact is this going to have on accessibility (i.e., Orca, for the visually impaired)? What impact is this going to have on the packages I rely on for engineering solutions (i.e., Salome, Code_Saturne, OpenFOAM, BrlCAD, NIST Dataplot). Some of these are likely not to be impacted, but some are dependent on the Gnome environment. The operating system is trivial. What is important is the functionality of the applications. If Unity breaks my applications, will there be an easy route back to the old system?

  • http://13-inchlaptop.com/ubuntu-desktop-drops-gnome-ui-for-unity/ Ubuntu desktop drops Gnome UI for UnityNetbook | Netbook

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  • easy_rider

    I’m not familiar with Unity but I had a look at Gnome 3.0 plans. I found that they has this crazy idea of Zeitgeist.

    http://live.gnome.org/GnomeActivityJournal Have a look at Zeitgeist video http://seilo.geekyogre.com/uploads/2009/03/Zeitgeist.ogv

    I don’t think it is a good idea. I prefer Nautilus, although it lacks some useful features, like for example ‘undo last action’ option.

    Whatever will a final version of Unity look like please, please include a good full-featured file manager, as good as Nautilus or hopefully a better one.

    Good file manager should have both view option: tree and places available at the same time, like it is in Dolphin, for example tree on the left as it is now, and places somewhere on top horizontally. More advanced search features, like ‘search document by word it contains’ should be also implemented in Nautilus, or any default file manager. Anyway, don’t give up ‘tree’ like file manager.

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  • http://ubuntudaily.blogspot.com Harry Lucas

    I don’t like it at all! it should be kept for touchscreen pc’s/tablets!!

  • http://erikdorthe.com/2010/11/06/ubuntu-desktop-customization/ Ubuntu Desktop Customization | Erik Dorthé

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  • Daniel

    People just have to remember that Windows 7 was also originally designed for touch and it was a huge success. I just wanna remind people that you will also be able to revert back to GNOME Shell if you desire. Personally I love being a guinea pig every six months it makes you feel like you’re on the cutting edge of technology.

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  • Kat

    Unity is laggy and resource hungry. The minimum requirements to run unity on a netbook are highrer than Windows 7.

    Older PC’s have no chance of running this.

  • http://drija.com/ubuntu/69564/why-is-ubuntu-11-04-switching-to-unity/ Why is Ubuntu 11.04 switching to Unity? Drija

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  • nq6

    The influence of Unity on the Gnome Shell

    The Gnome developers know that 14 million to 16 million will be using the Unity.Eles will not want your users lost in Unity. Then copied the layout. Below is a screen that shows this.


    Today we can see the force of the decisions of the developers of Ubuntu. What we have with the new Gnome Shell, a replica of the Unity. It seems Unity with a new theme.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/dallas.wiebelhaus Dallas Wiebelhaus

    I don’t understand what all the fuss is about , Unity is amazing and if someone prefers gnome shell they can just install it from the repos but it’ll be much more buggy I suspect then the very well polished Unity.

    Cheers Jono.

  • Smartphone

    I don’t understand why a desktop distribution (actually,the most popular Linux distribution) has now to resemble a smartphone menu:I’ve had a look at it and it’s hopeless IMHO,instead of a working desktop it feels more like an app store,and besides who cares about touch screen,Linux people can actually use a mouse and keyboard I suppose.

  • Oliver von Behr Kuster

    You can be a constant guinea pig using arch linux if you like it so much…