A Little More OpenRespect


Another quick update. The website now has a little more content, I have started adding some support resources for dealing with conflict and disrespect, and you can help spread the word that OpenRespect is a good thing with some rather nice buttons.

  • Glubbdrubb

    I noticed that you have not copyrighted(lefted) the site yet. Or would that be counterproductive?

  • jono

    Not sure how it would be counterproductive. I just haven’t got around to it yet.

  • Aidan Delaney

    Awesome, awesome work. It’s great to have a central point to remind us all that we’re decent human beings and should treat others with respect. These things sometimes get lost in technical arguments.

  • sap

    What a great idea! At first I was like pfffff, phew…. good luck muzzling the Linux community, you little… (insert nasty, nasty, disrespectful word- or two. Or maybe that’s spelled as one. Nevermind). But now…. I see the good sides of this and I’m actually getting more respectful as we speak. You awoke qualities I had no idea I had in me! Of course people should not say what they mean and want to say. That’s very often rude. Feelings could get hurt. Such a slick, sexy idea too! With buttons and all.

    I don’t know if anyone here knows but way back when, Stalin had kids recruited into reporting on stuff such as the so-called verbal crime. For instance if your mom or dad said something out of place you reported them to police and nice men came and took them away. It’s all about rules and respect. In that spirit I’d like to report a guy. Here’s one guy who needs to get with the program.


    Somebody drop this rude, rude, nasty Torvalds guy an email and if he doesn’t comply well he can get out of… Linux? We’ll teach those scruffy Linuxers how to behave. You have my full support sir.

  • http://blogs.altuxa.com/tapaponga/ Xuacu

    Hi Jono!

    Do you have plans to have localized versions of the site? If so, please, let me know. It would be great to have an Asturian version (useful not only for FOSS people) :)

    Best regards.

  • http://felimwhiteley.wordpress.com Félim Whiteley

    Must.. resist.. registering opensourcestreetfighting.org as a counterpoint…. arrghh 😉

  • Chris

    A nice article by Bruce Byfield: http://itmanagement.earthweb.com/osrc/article.php/3912496

    The articles are sadly too long, so didnt read them yet.

  • http://www.neographika.com/content/la-declaraci%C3%B3n-openrespect La Declaración OpenRespect | neoGraphika

    […] jonobacon.org; […]

  • Telic

    The OpenRespect declaration is more about laissez-faire coexistence than about mutual respect, so perhaps it should be (re)named OpenDiplomacy.

  • http://usetools.net alexsupra

    There is a little bug on web site http://openrespect.org When mouse pointer is on main logo the content of appearing tip is “Just another WordPress site”.

    I have feature submition. Its evident that social networks are popular nowadays, arent they? A lot of wars on software related topics take place over there… Thus it could be great addition for sharing page http://openrespect.org/share/ to add links for information distribution: “like” or “share” functions for Facebook, Vkontakte, etc. Also news and updates services like Twitter, Buzz, etc. could be added. And what about social bookmarking services? :) And so on.