Ubuntu 11.04 Developer Summit Proceedings Now Available

I am pleased to announce that the proceedings from the recent Ubuntu Developer Summit in Orlando, Florida are now available.

This set of proceedings summarizes many of the key decisions made at UDS in the tracks. Please remember a few caveats though:

  • These are plans. Many of these plans will reach fruition, but some won’t. That is the nature of community contributions, but many of these plans are planned and scoped work that Canonical stuff are expected to deliver.
  • UDS has a huge amount of activity and these proceedings don’t summarize every decision that was made.

Thanks to everyone who took notes, and thanks to the track leads for helping me make the content more digestable in the form of the proceedings.


  • bram

    “that Canonical stuff are expected to deliver”

    I think you meant “that Canonical staff are expected to deliver”. If not, please let me know what Canonical stuff I need to buy in their shop to develop Ubuntu! :)

  • James

    When plans don’t eventuate, can you undo the preparatory changes? Far too often something is disable in preparation for something new that never eventuates. The most recent example is disabling ALSA OSS emulation https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/579300

  • http://amanica.blogspot.com Marius Kruger

    thanks the proceedings is an excellent summary.

  • http://yokozar.livejournal.com Scott Ritchie

    So where was the discussion on the Unity decision? That was the single biggest change that’s ever occurred in Ubuntu and it doesn’t even look like a meeting was held.