Meetings, Videocasts, Oh My!

Tomorrow (or today if you are already up and about)…Wed 24th Nov 2010…is a pretty stonking day for events, and I just wanted to highlight them here so you can be sure to get along:

  • Ubuntu Cloud Meeting And Q+A – 3pm UTC/GMT / 7am Pacific / 10am Eastern – horseman Ahmed Kamal is hosting the very first Ubuntu Cloud IRC meeting today. This is a great opportunity to meet the Ubuntu cloud community, ask questions about using the private and public Ubuntu cloud technology, and also find out how you can contribute to the various Ubuntu cloud projects. This is the first of a regular set of meetings, and takes place in #ubuntu-cloud on freenode. Find out how to connect right here and be sure to keep to date with Ubuntu Cloud goings ons on Facebook, Twitter, and
  • At Home With Jono Bacon – 7pm UTC/GMT / 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern – this is my weekly videocast in which I invite you all to bring whatever questions you like about Ubuntu, Unity, community, or anything else. These sessions are always a tonne of fun, so come along and join in the action. Tune in live right here. Keep up to date with me on Twitter and
  • Severed Fifth: Live In The Studio – 8pm UTC/GMT / 12pm Pacific / 3pm Eastern – in this show I will be providing some updates on the latest in my Free Culture music project Severed Fifth including an update on the Severed Fifth Recording Campaign, new shows, goings on and more. Be sure to keep up with Severed Fifth on Facebook, Twitter, and

In addition to this, don’t forget that horsemen Daniel Holbach will be announcing his new Ubuntu Development videocast soon, and David Planella will be announcing his new Ubuntu Translations videocast too! It’s all fun! :-)

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  • http://Launchpad/fd.svenssonorefdsvensson Fd.Svensson

    I’ve just read and I feel not really god with that. If you read about cult on Wikipedia you maybe can see what I can see. You Want us to work freely and if wee made a lot of people work for you maybe we can start a loco, but they must be registered on Launchpad. If we have a lot of people work for spread the ubuntu that not count because you most join the team. In Sweden we have what we call a sekt (cult), they calls scientologi church and we have Jehovas witness. If you look first how you must do for be a member of Ubuntu and then how you must do for be a member of some of the church, can you tell me the different s. I like Ubuntu and now I testing Kubuntu but if you should run a cult, count me out. fdsvensson

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  • Virgil Brummond

    It is not a cult my friend, it is community. We are all just friends and associates. :)