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Natty Community Team Plans

With every cycle, part of my responsibility is to understand the needs of the Ubuntu community, understand the needs of some of the key stakeholders to my team, and to plan what the team will work on throughout the next cycle. Recently I have been asking the team (Jorge Castro, Daniel Holbach, David Planella, and […]

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Ubuntu 11.04 Developer Summit Proceedings Now Available

I am pleased to announce that the proceedings from the recent Ubuntu Developer Summit in Orlando, Florida are now available. This set of proceedings summarizes many of the key decisions made at UDS in the tracks. Please remember a few caveats though: These are plans. Many of these plans will reach fruition, but some won’t. […]

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Want To Make LibreOffice In Ubuntu Rock? Want a Job?

The Ubuntu Desktop Team are looking for an engineer to make LibreOffice rock in Ubuntu. The role is described as: We are seeking a Software Engineer to play a key development and integration role on the Ubuntu Desktop Team – one of the technical teams that makes up the Ubuntu Platform Team. As part of […]

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Reasons Why I Love My Desktop

I remember when I first got involved in Linux and Free Software, the Linux desktop was a pretty ugly place. Much of the reason for this was that getting a graphical display running was in itself a bit of a luxury, and one earned with lots of config file hacking and poking. When you did […]

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A Little More OpenRespect

Another quick update. The website now has a little more content, I have started adding some support resources for dealing with conflict and disrespect, and you can help spread the word that OpenRespect is a good thing with some rather nice buttons.

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Recently I blogged about some concerns that I have had about increasing disrespect in the Open Source, Free Software, and Free Culture communities. My blog entry shared some of the work I started on an OpenRespect Declaration, but I wasn’t sure if I should publish it. I did some thinking on this, and reviewed some […]

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Making Our World More Respectful

Something has been bothering me a little recently, and I have been trying to think about the best way of solving it. This is a problem that is not specific to Ubuntu or my world, but one that I believe affects many, many projects. I am not sure that there is a crisp solution to […]

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Over 5% of Ubuntu Members are women. Rock and Roll.

I am delighted to see that over 5% of Ubuntu Members are women. That is 5% of active contributors who have performed significant and sustained contributions are women. For the full scoop, read Lyz’s post. I just want to offer my congratulations to the awesome Ubuntu Women team for all their hard work. It was […]

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Fedora 14 Released

I just wanted to say a quick congratulations to our friends in the Fedora Community for their work on Fedora 14 which was released today! The Fedora team have been putting out some great releases, so congrats to the community for all their hard work! Time for a few glasses of something cold and frothy […]

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