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Working Together To Get Unity Ready For Natty

As many of you will know, we have been working hard in the Ubuntu world to ensure that the transition to Unity is not only smooth and painless, but also provides the best possible user experience. To do this the DX team, Ayatana community, desktop team, and my team have been working closely to ensure […]

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Video Of Current Unity

Today I recorded a short screencast that showcases some of the excellent work going into Unity and that is available in the Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal developer version of Ubuntu. Check it out: Can’t see it? See it here I will be doing a series of these videocasts throughout the cycle, so expect to see […]

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Unity: An Ancient African Word Meaning ‘Rocking’

I just wanted to share something with you. This is my desktop today, running on my Natty USB keyring (remember you can play with Natty too from the safety of your keyring by reading this): This is Unity running, and a recent addition is intellihide in the launcher. This is where the launcher will only […]

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Unity Bitesize Bug Report for 7 December

This is a guest post from Jorge Castro. As I mentioned last week we’ve started a campaign for helping people get started on fixing bitesize bugs in Unity. Jono blogged about this as well. As it turns up, we’ve got our first bitesize contributor today! Jamal Fanaian has fixed Bug #683241: Recycle bin icon is […]

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Get Started Hacking On Unity Bitesize Bugs

In this cycle we are taking the stability and maturity of Unity in Ubuntu very seriously. We know the move to Unity is a big one, and we want to deliver the best possible Unity experience in Natty. Canonical is investing significant resources across the design, desktop experience, and platform teams in making Unity rock, […]

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Why It Matters

A few days ago Phill Whiteside dropped me a note to let me know about a great example of the Ubuntu ethos alive and working. I just wanted to share it here Manuèla Popping is based in Ureterp, the Netherlands. Phill has been mentoring Manuèla and her contributions to Ubuntu, and she has been contributing […]

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Ubuntu 11.04 Alpha 1 Released: Time To Test!

I have talked before how important the Natty cycle is for Ubuntu, particularly with the move to Unity on the desktop. This is an important cycle for us to pull together and hammer on Unity and make sure that all bugs are (a) logged, (b) triaged, and (c) fixed. Fortunately everyone can help with either […]

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The LoCo Council Optimizes LoCo Teams For Success

For those of you who are interested in Ubuntu, you may be familiar with LoCo Teams. These are Ubuntu user groups based all over the world that advocate Ubuntu, help people with their Ubuntu questions and more. The LoCo community is a fundamental part of the Ubuntu family and they do incredible work. If you […]

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You Know What We Need In The Ubuntu Community?

This real-time contributions map shown in the Drupal website. It kicks the llama’s ass. Anyone want to make the love happen?

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