You Know What We Need In The Ubuntu Community?

This real-time contributions map shown in the Drupal website. It kicks the llama’s ass.

Anyone want to make the love happen?

  • André Gondim

    Hi Jono,

    The both link are pointing to the same drupal’s page.

    cheers!! 😉

  • Michael

    Winamp (winamp) It really whips the llama’s ass (mereeaaraehheh)

  • Flimm

    What about UbuntuLive Stats?

  • Randall

    You had me until “It kicks the llama’s ass.”

    “Cool” would have sufficed.

  • Allen

    You’re kind of a jerk, it’s his blog.

  • tarek

    Wrong link

  • Greg

    “It kicks the llama’s ass.” I haven’t heard that since the old days of WinAmp.