Unity: An Ancient African Word Meaning ‘Rocking’

I just wanted to share something with you. This is my desktop today, running on my Natty USB keyring (remember you can play with Natty too from the safety of your keyring by reading this):

This is Unity running, and a recent addition is intellihide in the launcher. This is where the launcher will only show if a window is not obscuring it (just like in GNOME Do). As such, in the screenshot above we can see the launcher as Gwibber is a smaller window, but if I maximize Gwibber so it takes up the full space of the desktop, the launcher slides into the left of the screen so I can access the Gwibber window easily. To then access the launcher I just hover over the Ubuntu button and it slides into view. It looks and feels really fast and sleek. :-)

Also, the Compiz workspace plugin which is accessible from the launcher, and the Alt-Tab overlay is really slick and fast too. We are just over Alpha 1, and already Unity is feeling 100x times better than in Maverick. I look forward to the missing Unity features (e.g. Places) landing before Alpha 2. :-)

Dig Unity? Like to write code? Well, pick a bug and help us make it better!

  • http://odysseusjak.blogspot.com Jack

    Jono, I installed the 64bit version on an external USB drive and it’s flippin’ sweet!

    But how do I get the launcher to intellihide?


    And let’s keep rockin’ the Unity!

  • Russell Dickenson

    I’m glad to see that they got away from purple for the default wallpaper/background! 😛

    Congrats to the entire team and community (from a non-Ubuntu-using Linux user).

  • zekopeko

    (just like in GNOME Do)

    You probably mean Docky.

  • Vincent

    I love Intellihide in Docky, but it would be just great if it would only (optionally) hide if I dragged or resized a window to overlay it, but would stay present if I maximised a window (resulting in that window maximising to the largest amount of space that was available after distracting Unity’s).

  • Jan

    Any chances that it will be possible in Unity to have a “normal” menu bar attached to each window (like on current Gnome, KDE, Windows, …) instead of the global menu bar (like on Apple stuff) that is used now? It is my worst fear that there will be only this global menu thing :-(

  • http://www.cpp-software.net Ioannis Vranos

    I think Ubuntu shouldn’t compete with GNOME (and its community) with Unity.

    As I think of it, Ubuntu is competing GNOME using a going-to-be obsolete graphics effects engine (Compiz) that no one else will use anymore.

    Am I missing something?