Video Of Current Unity

Today I recorded a short screencast that showcases some of the excellent work going into Unity and that is available in the Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal developer version of Ubuntu.

Check it out:

Can’t see it? See it here

I will be doing a series of these videocasts throughout the cycle, so expect to see more soon!

  • RJ Ryan

    May I suggest using a video provider that does not insert ads such as Vimeo?

    Unity looks nice. Thanks!

  • Franck Routier

    Will there be an option to have unity launcher on the right of the screen ? This would be really nice and IMHO be even more out of the way of the user, for at least two reasons :

    • my eyes tend to look on the left of the screen first, and having a clean desktop here is fresher
    • most of the time, the mouse is on the right side of the keyboard (even if I am left handed), and having the panel on the same side makes sense in my mind

    At least an option would be really cool.

  • Tinker Marz

    Whenever I see Unity in action, I think that the icons on the desktop should be aligned on the right side of the screen (as it is the case in Mac OS).

    With the icons on the left, it looks so cluttered.

    I know I should file a bug…

  • UnityIsGonnaRock

    Nice one! A few times you talked a bit fast – with your accent I assume this could be difficult to understand for some users. 😉

    “Test via USB” would make more sense if the open drivers would come with (experimental, unstable, unsupported, yet working) 3D support enabled. 😉

  • Justyn

    I second that!

  • Chris

    It looks a lot better on your screen than on mine. Most of the icons and panel labels are corrupted for me.

    And what’s with the diet soup ad? Kind of tacky to make us sit through a naff ad before watching the screencast isn’t it?

  • w1ngnut

    Jono, Any plans to add transparency to the top bar and windows? Any plans to improve the current theme/icon set?

    Nice video!

  • Tom

    I second that. WTF

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  • Franck Routier

    Yes, or put the panel on the right side :-)

  • Marius Gedminas

    It looks pretty slick with the animations and everything.

    This is the first time when I looked at Unity and thought “it’s going to rock” instead of my old opinion “oh no, it’s going to suck”; I think it’s the auto-hiding launcher that did it.

    I notice that you use the mouse to drag the scrollbar handles. I do that too, sometimes. Remember the blog post about new Ubuntu themes with narrow scrollbars because everyone uses mouse wheels/touchpads for scrolling? Heh.

  • Paradiesstaub

    Would be nice to have an OGG/WebM video version too :)

  • James Duncan

    Oddly, I got no ad. I have no idea why.

  • James Duncan

    Mmm, this sounds like a papercut bug. The code change to change it should be a one liner, call it another 30 to create a gconf pref.

  • James Duncan

    WebM seems unlikely; it isn’t even supported in the released version of Ubuntu.

  • Virgil Brummond

    Unity is looking good. Thanks for recording this screen cast Jono. :)

    I particularly like the intellihide feature.

  • Zac

    As with previous comments, Unity is looking nice and thanks for the video. Looking forward to it.

    Keep up work with the Software Centre as well. Nice work Jono. Thanks.