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Making Ubuntu More Personal: Identify Contributions To Engage More Personally

A few weeks back I wrote about my desire to make Ubuntu feel more personal for new and existing contributors. The goal here is to help community members to have a fulfilling experience in which there is a very personal sense of engagement (i.e. people care about your specific contributions and experience with Ubuntu). I […]

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Some Further Notes On Qt In Ubuntu

Mark recently blogged about plans to make Qt a first-class citizen alongside GTK in Ubuntu. He outlined the reason for the plan in the opening few paragraphs: As part of our planning for Natty+1, we’ll need to find some space on the CD for Qt libraries, and we will evaluate applications developed with Qt for […]

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Making Ubuntu More Personal

Community is a deeply personal experience. While write communities such as Open Source get together to make things (as opposed to read communities who consume content together), the attraction and thrill is only partially in the collaboration. What really makes write communities fun are the personal relationships that develop; what starts as nicknames on a […]

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Thinking About Ubuntu And 2011

So here I am, and it is the night before I go back to work for my first day back in 2011. I have had some wonderful and frankly much needed time off work. Towards the end of 2010 I was pretty bushed and was ready to spend some time with my wife and family, […]

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Call For Hackers: Severed Fifth Desktop App

We have an absolutely rocking development platform in the Ubuntu, GNOME, KDE and Linux and world. Today I was chatting to some of the Severed Fifth Street Team folks and we were talking about how awesome a Severed Fifth Desktop App could be. Imagine an app that shows you recent news, pops up notification bubbles […]

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Severed Fifth 2010 Recapped

2010 has been a great year for Severed Fifth and I am delighted with the growth in the project. Over the holiday I put together a 2010 Recapped video which summarizes this progress, the growth of the Severed Fifth Street Team, and more: <embed src=”×999999″ type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” allowscriptaccess=”always” allowfullscreen=”true” width=”630″ height=”480″”> Can’t see the video? Click […]

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