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UDS Sponsorship Deadline Tomorrow!

Just a quick note to let you all know that the Ubuntu Developer Summit sponsorship deadline closes tomorrow (Tues 29th March 2011). Be sure to get your sponsorship request in.

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Balancing Freedom and Functionality: A Design Challenge

I want to share a short story with you folks as the basis for a little challenge I wanted to set. Let me start at the beginning. A little while back John Lea, a member of the Canonical Design Team filed this bug. The essence of the bug was grounded in one of the check-boxes […]

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Ubuntu Global Jam: More Events, More Needed!

A great method of building our community up is to get people together face-to-face to work together, develop social bonds, and have fun. We see this at every Ubuntu Developer Summit; when we get contributors together, it helps seal a sense of camaraderie as we work and play together. All of this helps unite us […]

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Japan Tsunami: What To Do If It Affects You

The best I can do right now to help with the Tsunami tragedy in Japan and affecting areas is just help spread information of what to do. Tsunami Arrival Times If you are in an area affected this page provides times of expected arrivals for the Tsunami What To Do From What to do if […]

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