Congratulations on GNOME 3!

I am about to head out to the Linux Collaboration Summit, so I won’t be online when GNOME 3 hits the tubes in a few hours, so I just wanted to offer my congratulations in advance to the GNOME 3 team for their wonderful achievement in delivering GNOME 3. :-)

As many of you will also remember, GNOME 3 was something of a pipe dream when it was discussed way back at GUADEC in Stuttgart. With each following GUADEC the discussions would continue and at one point it felt like GNOME 3 would never happen, but in the last few years it has been incredible to see how the community really came together to form around a vision an not just deliver on it, but really deliver on it. The last few months in particular have demonstrated a feverish commitment to delivering a solid release, and this work has not just involved developers, but designers, marketing folks, web developers, advocates, testers, artists and more. Everyone has done such a wonderful job, and I just wanted to have a specific shout out to Jason Clinton for the videos on the website – awesome work!

Anyway, you folks should be celebrating, not reading my inane ramblings – go and crack open a beer and reflect on the success of delivering GNOME 3. Today is a clear indication that GNOME is stronger than ever. Have a great day, folks!

  • me4oslav

    I only wish Gnome went with Compiz instead of Mutter. I mean Compiz is a major advantage for Linux and now that is gone with Gnome-Shell, which makes me sad. I am probably not gonna use GS, still nevertheless I wish Gnome good luck.

  • http://nomenomen nomenomen

    You post is quite sad considering your (canonical) move with Unity. One question? Is there “official” repo with Gnome 3 amd GNOME Shell. And I mean official not some unofficial without any support.

  • Vadim P.

    \o/ Go Gnome 3!

  • Mel

    I would love to see with a section full of instructional videos like those on

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  • Marc

    Mutter is just much more tightly integrated with GNOME 3 than Compiz ever could be; it will be better than Compiz ever was. And it works absolutely smoothly and stable today!

  • Adnan Quaium

    Why do you think it is sad? Moving with Unity doesn’t mean ‘Ubuntu’ hates ‘Gnome 3′. Ubuntu believes Gnome shell has less to offer where Ubuntu is heading right now. So Ubuntu chooses unity over Gnome. Apart from this Gnome will still be available in the repo.

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  • chris

    How come is hosted by Canonical now? Has the castle fallen?

  • sinus

    Maybe because of UGR (Ubuntu Gnome Remix).