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The Art of Community: Building Belonging

With many of you folks who read my blog having an active interest in participating or growing a community of some sort, I am going to re-print some portions of my book, The Art of Community on my blog. I would feel guilty about doing this if it weren’t for the fact that the book […]

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Problems Open Doors To Solutions

One of the things I love about my job is that much of it is working with different elements of the human condition. This includes growing excitement, defining and setting expectations, dealing with disappointment and conflict, coordinating different ethical lines, being there for someone in times of personal crisis, helping folks to develop skills and […]

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Future LoCo Team Portal Plans

As part of this cycle I have been talking with some people in the awesome Ubuntu LoCo Teams community to identify next steps in how we can optimize the community to go out and get 200 million users. Today I feel we have a fantastic LoCo Team community; lots of teams distributed throughout the world, […]

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Community Team Plans For Oneiric

In the interests of transparency, at the beginning of each cycle I tend to summarize my team at Canonical’s plans for the forthcoming six month period of work. This is the result of an extensive process of assessing requirements, gathering needs, discussing topics at UDS, fleshing out actions, documenting blueprints, and determining resource availability. Part […]

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Rocking The LoCo Community In Oneiric

I have long been a firm believer that the Ubuntu LoCo Community is one of the strongest elements of Ubuntu. The LoCo community are our eyes, ears, mouths, and hearts in taking Ubuntu to the masses. If we are going to reach out to 200million users, we are absolutely going to need to have the […]

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Building The Kitchen Sink

Wow. Yesterday I posted some ideas about building sub-team in the Ubuntu community optimized for power users and the needs of folks who love to tweak, tune, customize, hot-rod and otherwise amp up their desktops. Within 24-hours there is now a mailing list with nearly 100 members, IRC channel (#ubuntu-power-users on freenode), wiki site, and […]

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Creating An Ubuntu Power User Community

Over the last few months there has been some concerned feedback in some parts of the community about how Ubuntu is focused more and more on attracting new users to Ubuntu by providing a streamlined and simplified user experience. Much of this is being achieved with Unity; a new desktop interface delivered in Ubuntu 11.04, […]

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Providing More Scalable Community Growth And Mentoring

One of the most complex things we need to deal with in the Ubuntu community is scale. We are a big community and as I have talked about before, I am really keen to ensure that as many people as possible get a very personal Ubuntu experience. We are keen to ensure that everyone who […]

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Explaining UDS Sponsorship

At UDS last week I took an action to write up a quick blog post that explains how UDS sponsorship works. This discussion was born out of the view that some people feel a little bent out of shape when they don’t get approved for UDS sponsorship. This is a common reaction at every UDS, […]

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QA Community Coordinator: Inquire Within

I am pleased to announce that I am looking to hire a new member for my team (the Community Team) here at Canonical. I am looking for a bright, motivated, and experienced person to build, maintain and develop a cohesive, productive and effective Ubuntu QA community. This role will be full-time working at Canonical, you […]

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