Be Nice, Free Snacks.

I just wanted to share a fun little story with you all.

On Friday I got up and as I often do, wrote a good morning tweet on my Twitter feed:

Morning peeps, how are we all doing today? Ready for the weekend? It has been a busy week here…

I then got this response from the Pretzel Crisps twitter account:

@jonobacon It’s Friday, we’re feeling good! How about some comp’d bags of Pretzel Crisps to start the weekend! DM work addy and we’ll dlvr!

Being the cynical arse that I am, I suspected this was a scam. I checked their Twitter feed, but I didn’t see reams of other similar tweets (as you often see with scams), so I was stumped and replied:

@PretzelCrisps you can comp me some free Pretzel Crisps? really? why me?

At this point I was expecting this:

A round-brown, copper-bottomed bucket of nothing, sealed with a kiss..

…but I got this:

@jonobacon You asked how we were doing…and we can dlvr snacks today before the weekend…best Friday ever! DM work addy!

At this point I was either entirely gullible or there was a world of free pretzels about to come crashing down on top of me. Being the kind of brave and adventurous solider I am, I decided to risk this wave of salty deliciousness.

Well, kind of. I sent them my father-in-law’s business address. I am, as they say, a master criminal.

At this point I expected to get a call a few days later from one of the folks at the business to say a box had arrived addressed to me.

A few hours later we got a call from the business saying that a woman had walked in and dropped off two bags of pretzels. Not two packets…but two shopping bags filled with packets; approx 15 packets of Pretzel Crisps. When Lynne, who works at the business, brought them to our house we were stunned. Free pretzel crisps, and they are delicious!

I sent them a quick tweet to say thanks:

@PretzelCrisps wow, you folks are awesome, thanks so much for the crisps! They are delicious. Expect a rather nice blog entry soon. :-)

..and naturally tweeted my surprise generally:

Huge kudos to @PretzelCrisps for sending us some free Pretzel Crisps, just because I wrote a good morning tweet. They are delicious. Thanks!

There are multiple morals to this story:

  • Pretzel Crisps are delicious.
  • The Pretzel Crisps company are awesome.
  • Being nice and saying good morning can get you free things.


  • Michael

    Free salty goodness?!? I’ll have to start tweeting happy greetings now…

  • jezra

    This one time, someone said “hey Jezra, send us your mailing address and we’ll send you a t-shirt”, I still cry myself to sleep thinking about the t-shirt that never was.

  • jono

    Blame Chris Proctor. This is the least of his many unearthly sins. That guy is an evil bastard who preys on lifestock.

  • jezra

    the Lord of the Rings in Spanish is “chupacabra”

  • HoellP

    Next friday you should send them some free Ubuntu CDs… Just to return the favor of course. 😉 Really a nice move by them.

  • Scott Ritchie

    Hmm, perhaps we should give free copies of Ubuntu to anyone who tweets us good morning :)