Six Months Of Rocking Ubuntu Events

Education and learning has always been an important part of the Ubuntu culture. It is important to us because we always want to present an environment in which everyone is welcome to participate, whatever your skills, location, or experience. We want to make it really easy to get involved in Ubuntu and be a part of the revolution. :-)

Along these lines we always organize online learning events in each cycle that are designed to encourage people to join our community and help get people up to speed with skills and how things work in the interests in growing more and more people who enjoy contributing to Ubuntu and our community.

Today we finalized a stack of dates for the coming cycle and I just wanted share them:

  • Ubuntu Developer Week11th – 15th July 2011 – a week designed to help up-skill those who want to participate in packaging, bug-fixing and other Ubuntu-related development activities. This is a great week to get started as an Ubuntu developer.
  • Ubuntu LoCo Teams Learning Week18th – 22nd July 2011 – in this new event we will be providing a set of sessions that are designed to help get LoCo teams up and running and successful. Topics such as how to get members, build an online presence, organize events and more will be here.
  • Ubuntu Cloud Days25th – 26th July 2011 – Ahmed Kamal will be organizing another set of Ubuntu Cloud tuition sessions that can help get you up and running with an Ubuntu powered Private or Public cloud.
  • Ubuntu Global Jam2nd – 4th September 2011 – an essential part of the Ubuntu calendar in which LoCo teams around the world organize local events to get together to meet and greet and enjoy contributing to Ubuntu together.
  • Ubuntu App Developer Week5th – 9th September – a week of tuition sessions about writing apps for the Ubuntu platform and how to get your apps into the Ubuntu Software Center.
  • Ubuntu Open Week17th – 21st October 2011 – a week designed to be a good first step for brand-new Ubuntu users, deliberately timed the week after release. This is a great first step if you are a brand new user.

Also, many thanks to the new Lernid maintainer, John S. Gruber, for helping to refine and improve the tool that makes these learning events so simple, fun, and enjoyable to participate in.

More about these events as they happen!

  • Pablo Rubianes

    Great to have the dates!! Classroom_ES is going to work in order to bring sister events in Spanish.

    Also, great to see Lernid improving!

  • jono

    Pablo – that would be great!

  • Sergio Meneses

    Greetings Jono!

    As the partner Pablo mentioned, we have many plans in Ubuntu-Classroom-Es, and coming back of Lernid is very good news, we plan to use Lernid in our upcoming events and we would like to invite you to participate in any of them even with a small greeting or introduction.

  • Patrick Dickey

    When will the information about the schedule for each of these events be posted? I checked the UbuntuDeveloper page, and it still has the schedule for March’s summit. I realize you just posted the upcoming events four days ago, so I realistically don’t expect the actual agendas to be up (just curious when they will be).

    Have a great day:) Patrick.

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  • Neil

    Hmmm… this sounds interesting… Got to try and participate in especially the LoCo Teams Learning Week… thanks for the heads up!