Help Make Ensemble Rock: Formulas Needed

For those of you who missed the news, Ensemble is the white-hot new cloud deployment technology from the Ubuntu project. To see it is action, check out this screencast from Ahmed.

While Ensemble is awesome, it is only awesome with formulas to cover all the different deployment options in the archive (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!, phpBB etc), and we need your help to write these formulas.

Ensemble is a pure community project and if we work together to make these formulas, we can make the Free Software powered cloud easier and powerful than ever.

How Can I Help?


Every week Ahmed is preparing weekly posts that outline what work is going on in the community and highlighting areas where we really need formulas.

These posts all appear on the rocking; a portal filled with Ubuntu Cloud news, articles, screencasts, discussion and more. Be sure to add it as a favorite in your browser.

See the latest Ensemble Hit List and get involved!

  • Ps3 Home Items

    Ensemble looks awesome. I am definitely excited about this since I am an online marketer and writer. I constantly use WordPress and Drupal. Thanks for this!

  • Drupal Developer

    I leared how to cloud deplyoment method from ubuntu project thorugh this articles.Ensemble is awesome. Most of the people like open source product. you can easy to build your website easily.

    Drupal Web Design