QA Community Coordinator Required

I am looking to hire a new member for my team (the Community Team) here at Canonical. I am looking for a bright, motivated, and experienced person to build, maintain and develop a cohesive, productive and effective Ubuntu QA community.

This role will be full-time working at Canonical, you will be working from home with regular travel to various events (such as UDS and team sprints), and you will be working in a fast-paced, productive, and energetic environment. This is a really exciting role that is designed to bring huge value to the Ubuntu community in the area of quality by refining, optimizing, and growing our QA community participation.

Key responsibilities and accountabilities:

  • Build and maintain a strong, consistent, and consolidated QA community and to act as a point of reference for this community in continuing its growth and opportunities, and resolving issues.
  • Maintain a set of online resources, produce content for those resources and build community participation to generate and optimize content for and from the community.
  • Develop and refine better working practises to ease and improve how community members and stakeholders interact with the Ubuntu QA team.
  • Liaise with the Canonical Ubuntu Platform Team to better align the direction of the Ubuntu QA community with internal QA needs and workflow.
  • Regularly acquire and evaluate feedback from the community and our partners to help improve Ubuntu QA.
  • Be responsive and sensitive to the concerns, ambitions and direction of the community, our upstreams and business units inside Canonical.

Required skills and experience

  • Strong QA skills and experience, strong networking and social networking skills, good relationship building abilities, process driven, able to manage multiple work streams, good prioritisation, independent, willing to travel potentially 25% of their work time, able to resolve conflict, able to communicate well in written form and produce electronic content.
  • Experience of working with community Open Source projects, technical experience with QA technologies and workflows.
  • Have strong social skills, a good networker and a good technical knowledge of Ubuntu, Power and the Open Source and upstream/downstream development process. Candidates should be process driven, strategically minded and committed. Good public speaking skills a bonus.
  • Candidates should provide evidence of existing experience and work in the Open Source community and suitable references.

How To Apply

To apply, see the job description and apply using the apply for this Position button.

Please don’t send me your resume directly; if you use the system it makes it much easier for me to track all the applications.

Good luck!

  • Neil Oosthuizen

    I would be perfect for this job… if you changed most of the key responsibilities and accountabilities… and also forget about the required skills and experience… ;)

  • antimonio

    Do you guys have any part-time positions?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think so.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think so.

  • Eagle

    Don’t you guys have Pedro already on board? He’s doing an amazing job, principally on the upstream part.

  • Alex Lourie

    Hey Jono Do you check the CV’s for this position or is it someone else?

  • NRWlion

    Hey Jono, I feel very attracted by the vacancy. Unfortunately I’m still studying: (Would it still make sense to simply submit an application?

  • Allen Lowe

    Oh no, how did I miss this job posting? This is my dream job, I have been doing QA work, and community leadership for quite some time now, and I loved being with Canonical at UDS. Is this position still open? I’m gonna go apply…