Community Management Crib Notes: Conflict Resolution

I have decided to kick off a new series of videos called Community Management Crib Notes discussing various community management topics, and here is the first video, this time on the topic of conflict resolution. In this video I discuss the different between conflict and disputes, the attributes that can make people engage in conflict, and how we handle conflict situations and drive towards consensus.

I am new at this video-making business, so this is a first shot at this kind of thing. Be gentle, they should get better. :-)

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Anyway, without further ago…

Part 1:

Can’t see the video? Click here to see it on YouTube!

Part 2:

Can’t see the video? Click here to see it on YouTube!

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  • lucazade

    Very interesting.. I’ll try to follow your suggestions, like stay calm, although it is difficult when you see a disrespectful behaviour.

  • Neil Oosthuizen

    Thanks for the vids :)

  • Management Consulting Toronto

    The videos you’ve presented here are extremely useful for managers who need to know how to settle things straight when conflicts appear in a company. Because any spark of misunderstanding can lead to a whole set of problems which in the end affect the well-being of the company. Resolving conflicts from the start is a top priority for a top manager.