Getting Older

Tomorrow I will turn 32.

I have noticed that ever since I got into my thirties, whenever people of a similar age know it is my birthday, the conversation is always amusingly similar. They suddenly turn into the four yorkshiremen, rattling off progressively worsening examples of the ailments of age, about how things ache more than they did, I just don’t have the energy I once had, hangovers last longer, married life is different, and is a young man/womens game.

Screw that.

I have never been happier. I have wonderful wife, beautiful home, the best job in the world, incredible friends and family, and while I admittedly have Bon Jovi Knee, my early thirties feel great. There is a world of people fitter, smarter, and better looking than me out there, but I am happy, and I am thankful for that.

Mind you, I do find myself enjoying comfortable trousers more than I did. Uh oh.

  • mohammed siddieg

    i wish you the best of luck ,happy birthday .

  • Matthew Helmke

    Happy birthday. I agree with you. My 30s were the best years of my life, until I hit my 40s, which are turning out to be wonderful. Keep the attitude!

  • Tom Mann

    I like to play a game where I tell my age in hex. Welcome to your 0x20’s dude! I’ll be there in a month and a half myself… Congratulations!

  • Ali Sarchami

    Yesterday I turned 30 and I couldn’t agree more. It’s important to be happy and enjoy life, everything else will pass or has a cure.

  • Kirsti Jones

    Yup, I’ll be 36 this year Jeremy and really couldn’t be much happier if I tried! Have a great birthday when it comes!

  • Valorie Zimmerman

    Happy birthday, Jono. Life keeps getting better, and I wouldn’t pay a nickel to be younger. :-)

  • Nec

    Next time make sure that you create a power ballad about your wonderful life and wife and stuff.

  • Alex Lourie

    Jono You can always claim that you’re 20 now :-) (in hex, of course)

  • Martin Pool

    I realized today I’ve been at Canonical long enough that I need to stop and think to remember which year I started.  It’s still great.

  • Jaynos

    Age is just a number in my opinion. There are some ‘old’ people in their 30’s and there are some ‘young’ people in their 30s. In my opinion you are of the ‘young’ variety. Keep it that way! Stay as fit and as healthy as you can!  :-) x – Oh, Happy Birthday for tomorrow, have a great day being young!

  • w1ngnut

    Glad you realize what it’s important in life. And you cited all of them.

    Congrats mate!! You’ve been doing a great work, you deserve!