Bacon And Coffee Powered World Record

Yep, hair is an enemy of the Bacon household.

A little while back I mentioned that my brother was working on a coffee powered car and working to set a world land speed record with it. Well, he did it, he set the record, and a little media storm has brewed around it.

Check out the BBC News video of the record, the coverage on Slashdot, and on ExtremeTech.

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I am so proud of him; what a stunning accomplishment. I can’t wait to see what he does next with it!

  • sturd

    I saw that on the TV tonight!  He was sipping away at the fuel while he worked on the car, haha!  Do you know what blend he uses?  I would love to sip on some car fuel early in the morning to perk me up!

  • DevilDriver

    Coffee god is not amused.

  • Eitan

    Very neat!

  • Neil Oosthuizen

    This is awesome! (and on a side note, man you guys look alike :D)

  • call center service

    This is really amazing , how is it possible .