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Ubuntu Developer Survey Report and Next Steps

Hot on the heels of my Ubuntu Membership survey report and follow up discussion, I am delighted to present the results of the Ubuntu Developer survey that I issued a little while ago. Generally the feedback is quite positive, particularly for MOTU applications, but the feedback has highlighted some useful areas in which we discuss […]

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Ubuntu Membership Next Steps

Recently I blogged about the Ubuntu Membership survey report and that we were planning to have a meeting with the Community Council to review the findings and outline some next steps. I just wanted to provide a quick update on this. We had the meeting yesterday, and you can read the meeting log here and […]

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Recording a Screencast In Ubuntu Tutorial

Want to record a screencast in Ubuntu? Charles Profitt in a smack of irony that even the most ironic of hipsters would admire, has recorded a screencast…about how to make a screencast in Ubuntu. Great work, Charles! See the video right here! Be sure to post links to your screencasts in the comments!

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Menu Discoverability In Ubuntu 11.10

Before I get started I want to provide a cast-iron caveat here: I am not a professional interface designer. While I have an interest in interaction design and usability, it is not my profession and most of my experience is from working on spare-time projects and developing interfaces for those projects. In other words…the views […]

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Ubuntu Membership Process Survey Report and Next Steps

The Ubuntu community, like many communities has different methods in which we identify and elevate the privileges of those who actively participate and contribute good work. As an example, if you do great packaging and development work, you can get upload access to the archive with MOTU or Core-Dev. A core means of identifying such […]

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Five Years At Canonical

Yesterday was my five year anniversary at Canonical. I know people tend to get pretty gushy on anniversaries, so I am going to keep this as short as possible. When I joined Canonical life was quite different to how it is now. I was living in the UK, had more hair, Canonical was a small […]

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Better Community With Better Technology (In Practice)

Back in June I wrote a blog entry called Better Community With Better Technology which discussed some ideas about how we can better integrate our Ubuntu community work into the desktop. Today much of the interaction we have with the Ubuntu community is through a web browser and I feel like we have some wonderful […]

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Loco Team Portal Gets Blogging Support

Back in May I blogged about some plans that we were putting together for the LoCo Team Portal to make the site more dynamic and more of a hub of information and visibility on the great work going on in the LoCo community. My thesis was that community members really cherish the kudos and support […]

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