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Ubuntu Tat

Benjamin Kerensa from the Ubuntu Oregon LoCo Team has got something rather familiar inked on his arm: Badass has a new name. Wow. Is now the time to tell him we are changing the logo? Just kidding. Respect, Ben!

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Mini Leadership Summit at the Ubuntu Developer Summit

In the recent feedback I have been gathering from our community, one source of contention was a feeling that leaders in the community are lacking motivation and a feeling of influence on the project. While the survey is still gathering responses (so treat the percentages below as subject to change), the results currently indicate three […]

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New Community Council

I was delighted to see the results of the Community Council vote. It is great to see some familiar faces on the council as well as some new blood. I am looking forward to working with the CC in the 12.04 cycle, and the new council have a wonderful complement of skills. Congratulations to all […]

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Weekly Canonical Community Team Meetings Now On IRC

Each week I organize a Google+ Hangout for our Canonical Community Team meeting. This regular team meeting is where we share roundtables of work each of us has been doing, sync up on projects and topics, and discuss any agenda items. We also discuss boring company topics like expense reports, booking days off work, and […]

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Onwards and Upwards

Thanks to everyone who came to the Ubuntu UK Release Party last night. It was so wonderful to catch up with so many new and old friends. It was also wonderful to hear everyone’s generally positive feedback about the new release. I am proud of Ubuntu 11.10 and what we as a community managed to […]

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Join The Online Ubuntu Release Party

#ubuntu-release-party on freenode IRC is all you need to know. Come and join the fun!

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Ubuntu 11.10 and London Release Party

Today we release Ubuntu 11.10: Oneiric Ocelot after a busy six months of work. Thank you to everyone who participated in this release and put their brick in the wall. We had many wonderful contributions from developers, testers, translators, authors, advocates, accessibility folks, marketeers, programmers, governors, and more. I am looking forward to seeing the […]

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Keeping The Feedback Train Rolling

Just a quick thank-you to everyone who has participated so far in the community feedback survey I sent out last week. So far 286 Ubuntu Members have responded to the survey, but I would like to encourage all of you who have not responded to reply. You should have a link in your INBOX. Thanks […]

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Feedback Welcome

Recently some concerns were raised to me in a Community Council meeting about some areas of the community, and how much influence and motivation some of our community members feel they have on Ubuntu. I am determined to identify some solutions for these challenges. Our community should be fun, inspiring, and productive. I want to […]

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