Welcoming Our New Horseman: Michael Hall

I am delighted to announce that Michael Hall, also known as mhall119 on IRC will be joining the Canonical Community Team and working with our upstreams, with a particular focus on growing participation in Unity and other upstreams closely related to Ubuntu. Michael has a strong development background, has been involved in the Ubuntu community for quite some time, has contributed to many Ubuntu projects (including loco.ubuntu.com and summit.ubuntu.com), and I am excited to welcome him to the team.

Michael starts his new role in my team in 2012. Please give him a warm welcome!

  • Anonymous

    Great to see the team growing another horseperson (why horses anyway? Perhaps a Pangolinperson) but yeah Michael is great and I am sure the team would benefit from his full time input.

  • Bilal Akhtar

    Congrats, Michael!

  • http://castrojo.tumblr.com Jorge Castro

    Because “4 Pangolinmen of the Apocalypse” doesn’t have a nice ring to it.