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12.04 Ubuntu Developer Summit Proceedings

I just put together the 12.04 UDS proceedings. Thanks to all the track leads who contributed their content. You can read it here.

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Where’s Chuck 2

One more: From Chris Coulson: Want to make yours? Grab the Chuckout in GIMP format.

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Where’s Chuck?

On Google+ Chuck has been doing the rounds. I figured I should share it here too… From Jorge: Want to make yours? Grab the Chuckout in GIMP format and post your creations online.

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Scaling Up

Since I got back a week ago from UDS in Orlando I took a few days off work and will be off Monday and Tuesday this week too (I will still be around, I am just taking a few days to work on The Art of Community 2nd Edition). I have a big list of […]

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QA Community Coordinator Required: Apply Within

I am looking to hire a new member for my team (the Community Team) here at Canonical. I am looking for a bright, motivated, and experienced person to build, maintain and develop a cohesive, productive and effective Ubuntu QA community. I am looking for someone with solid QA experience particular in the areas of testing […]

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Ubuntu: More Than The Default Install

In the Ubuntu world (and I am sure in other distributions as well), the choice of what apps we ship in the default install has always garnered much debate and discussion. With each UDS there is a default apps discussion, and the following few weeks usually involves some debate over whether the decisions reached made […]

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Leadership Summit Part Two Today

Today part two of the leadership summit will be happening at UDS. This morning we fleshed out the topics we are going to discuss (each broken into 20 minute lightning discussions) and they include: Growing Motivation Leadership Futures Leadership Self Assessments The Role of the Community Council How do we Grow Leaders The Canonical Community […]

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UDS In Full Swing

Here we are in Orlando at a hectic but productive and fun UDS. The atmosphere here is great; in our track (the Community track) I am noticing a sense of shared spirit and focus on improving how our community operates, and how diverse and productive it is. We have touched on many topics, including: Reviewing […]

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Leadership @ UDS

Today we start our Ubuntu Leadership Mini Summit here at the Ubuntu Developer Summit. Be sure to add your leadership topics to the ideas wiki page and join us. If you are not here in Orlando, you can remotely participate (find out more by clicking here). The session will be today and Thursday in Bonaire […]

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