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Quality In Ubuntu

Quality has always been an important value in the Ubuntu community, but over the last few releases we have faced some challenges in how we can assure and deliver quality. There have been various reasons for this, which include: Fewer automated tests that we would like and limited coverage in key components (e.g. Unity). Out […]

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LoCo Council Goings On In 12.04

At the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Orlando in November there were some great discussions about LoCo governance. The LoCo Council has a blueprint but these are some of the highlights: LoCo Twinning – the goal here is to twin LoCo teams with other LoCo teams to help them get on their feet and moving. Bugs […]

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Community Management Crib Notes: A New Era Of Community Management

Tonight I recorded and put on my YouTube Channel a presentation that I delivered at OSCON earlier this year called A New Era Of Community Management. I cover the history of community management, it’s early leaders, and how the science of understanding and growing community is changing with the advent of new technologies, social norms, […]

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Nicholas Skaggs Joining The Canonical Community Team

I am pleased to announce that we will be welcoming a new horseman to the Canonical Community Team. His name is is Nicholas Skaggs, he is based in Florida (as well as Jorge and Michael), and he will be joining in January 2012 as our QA Community Coordinator. Nicholas will be growing our QA community […]

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Creating Experience Teams

I want to use this entry as an opportunity to throw open the floor for discussion and brainstorming of a topic we first discussed at UDS in Orlando. I really welcome your comments, suggestions, and advice. One of the interesting things about Ubuntu is that there are many different forms of contribution (typically skills such […]

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Thanks Ubuntu Weekly News Team

I just want to say a huge thank-you to the Ubuntu Weekly News team for tirelessly bringing a weekly dose of fantastic Ubuntu news to our community. I know there is a lot of work involved, and while I have not had the time to contribute, I have been trying to contribute recently by spreading […]

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Ubuntu and QML

Last week I delivered a keynote at the Qt Developer Days 2011 event in San Francisco. I have not seen a video of the keynote online yet, but I am assured it should be online soon. Rick Spencer gave a keynote at the Munich event shortly before UDS in October. Over the last year or […]

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