Nicholas Skaggs Joining The Canonical Community Team

I am pleased to announce that we will be welcoming a new horseman to the Canonical Community Team. His name is is Nicholas Skaggs, he is based in Florida (as well as Jorge and Michael), and he will be joining in January 2012 as our QA Community Coordinator.

Nicholas will be growing our QA community and his focus in his first few months will be on assessing the on-ramp for participating in QA in Ubuntu, and growing a comprehensive community of testers and triagers. He will have a particular focus on manual testing and a regular cadence of testing throughout the release cycle. I am excited to welcome him aboard the team!

When Nicholas joins, the team will look like this and their primary responsibilities:

  • Daniel Holbach – coordinating and growing Ubuntu developers.
  • Jorge Castro – growing the Juju and cloud communities and encouraging the development of charms.
  • David Planella – growing our app developer community, as well as coordinating our translators community.
  • Michael Hall – working with upstreams, and a particular focus on helping Canonical upstreams to have a great community relationship.
  • Nicholas Skaggs – growing our QA community, with a particular focus on manual testing and triage.
  • Me – I manage the team and work with Canonical and community stakeholders to develop strategy around where we focus community resources and growth.

You can read more about the team from this earlier blog entry and feel free to ask your questions in the comments.

Give Nicholas a warm welcome, folks! :-)

  • Randall Arnold

    Looks like a great addition and I’m glad to see this role as part of your efforts.  Go Nick!

  • David Planella

    Welcome Nicholas, looking forward to having you in the team! :)

  • Nicholas Skaggs

    Thank you! So as a new horsemen my first question was of course, is there a logo? I wasn’t disappointed. I feel like there could be shirts in the future :-)

  • Jef Spaleta

    Sooo, basically, you are hired to convince people to work for free under the pretense that Ubuntu is a charitable project. Or in other words, 6 hired drones trying to give canonical a return on their investment by drumming up a greater amount of free man hours than you guys waste.

    No thanks.

    Free software is one thing but marketting and brand differentiation work under Mark Shuttleworth’s community labour scheme is completely different. It doesn’t matter how many shitty distros like Ubuntu package things up, it matters what tangible value you actually contribute to the Linux ecosystem – and let’s face it, Canonical contribute nothing at all.

  • Gema Gomez

    Welcome to the Ubuntu QA team, Nicholas! We are looking forward to collaborating with you :)

    I hope we can bring the quality of Ubuntu to the next level together !

  • Anonymous

    Jef, why such a mean-spirited and spiteful post? I know you are critical of Canonical, but really…you say this to a guy excited and motivated about a new job, about a team excited to have him, and you suggest Canonical contribute nothing (Launchpad, Ubuntu development time, Unity, infrastructure etc). Disagreement is fine…but this is just mean.

    I am tired of your disrespectful, spiteful attitude. We know what you think, you have shared your views plenty of times, but please…leave it off my blog.