LoCo Council Goings On In 12.04

At the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Orlando in November there were some great discussions about LoCo governance. The LoCo Council has a blueprint but these are some of the highlights:

  • LoCo Twinning – the goal here is to twin LoCo teams with other LoCo teams to help them get on their feet and moving. Bugs have been created and the LoCo Council are selecting the teams to pair them with. The team chose five teams they felt were large enough to be able to be twinned but not so big that only large teams were going to be able to twin with them. They are then going to chose five un-approved teams and help them during the cycle on how to get their teams up and running, how to organize meetings and events, and get information to other members of the team and explain how the larger Ubuntu community works.

  • loco.ubuntu.com renaming the main team page – at UDS a compromise was struck between the LoCo Team Portal developers and the LoCo Council to rename the team display page on the portal (this is because many teams have named themselves incorrectly and don’t want to change now as they have things printed). As such they are only changing the display name on the main page and nothing else.

  • Handling large geographic regions – the LoCo Council have discussed geographically breaking up some of the larger countries such as Canada, Australia and Brazil (they’ve semi done this unofficially). The idea behind was to better conserve resources (such as conference packs) so that we can have smaller regions that can be sent content for events (e.g. CDs).

  • City LoCos – it was agreed at UDS that City locos would not happen, but as a compromize, a field on teams pages on the LoCo Teams Portal would be created to add a contact for a city.

  • Re-approvals – in early January the LoCo Council will be focusing on re-appaovals for teams; there are nine on their list.

Thanks to Laura Czajkowski for content for this blog entry, and the rest of the council (Charles Profitt, Chris Crisafulli, Greg Grossmeier, Leandro Gómez, and Paolo Sammicheli) for their tireless efforts. Thanks also to Chris Johnston and co. for their wonderful work on the LoCo Team Portal.

  • Jeremy Clark

    A shame about the city locos. Breaking up them up in Texas has pretty much killed the Ubuntu community here, IMO. The mailing list and IRC for the Houston loco used to be fairly active. As soon as we merged with the rest of Texas, no one could agree on a meetup location and progress seems to have stagnated.

  • http://profiles.google.com/dscassel Darcy Casselman

    @google-cba7178798b1318cd7801afe7c69a29a:disqus: The LoCo Council decided that city teams weren’t something they wanted to have to manage.  That doesn’t mean they can’t happen.  It just means that if they are going to happen, it needs to be under the umbrella of the state/national LoCo.

    I’m looking at the Ohio team for inspiration. Even though they’re a state team, they have “ReLoCos” (not totally sold on the name) for cities in their state to coordinate activities there.

    I think for an in-person community to be in any way effective, it needs to be at the local (city) level.  I’m finding it easier to attract people to national mailing lists and IRC channels, but could you not recreate those on your own?

  • http://profiles.google.com/dscassel Darcy Casselman

    @Jono: Please try to avoid discouraging people from creating city teams within their LoCos. Saying they “won’t happen” hampers our efforts to make a more vibrant community. It’s the LC’s prerogative, of course, whether or not they want to deal with them directly, but there shouldn’t be anything stopping LoCos from creating them if they think that’s the best way to organize their community.