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Severed Fifth Release Party this Friday in San Francisco

Can’t see the video? Watch it here. Just a quick note to let you know that this Friday, 3rd February in San Francisco we will be having the Severed Fifth CD Release Party. The new album ‘Liberate’ was funded by donations from the Severed Fifth community and will be released soon under a Creative Commons […]

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More Ubuntu Accomplishments Hacking

I spent some more time this weekend hacking on the Ubuntu Accomplishments spec I blogged about recently. I just wanted to provide a little more eye-candy of some of the progress. When you load the app it shows you a list of the available opportunities you can achieve: (obviously a bunch of these are dummy […]

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Python GTK Documentation

After my recent blog post about the lack of Python GTK documentation since the new era of GIR bindings, I was delighted to find this awesome online documentation. I am certainly not presuming that this documentation was as a result of someone reading my blog post; I assume I didn’t see it online before, but […]

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Quick Team Update

I just wanted to provide a quick update on how the team is doing on our set of commitments in the 12.04 cycle. Feel free to ask questions in the comments. In terms of general team progress, this is how our burndown chart looks today: I asked each of the guys on the team to […]

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Ubuntu Developer Summit Sponsorship Now Open

The Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS) is the most important event in the Ubuntu calendar. It is where we get together to discuss, design, and plan the next version of Ubuntu; in this case the Ubuntu 12.10 release. The next UDS takes place at The Oakland Marriott City Center, Oakland, California, USA from the 7th – […]

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The HUD: Call For Testers

Today we announced the HUD that is landing in Unity. This is an awesome new feature. See Mark’s blog post, the coverage on PC Pro, and the interview with John Lea on OMG! Ubuntu!. Here is a video of the feature in action: Can’t see it? See it here. I wanted to point you folks […]

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From Old To New Python GTK

I am a pretty terrible programmer. Anyone who has read my code can see that. Unfortunately, I tend to have lots of ideas about how we can use technology in different ways, hence why I write some code. Examples of this have included Lernid, Acire, RaccoonShow, and Jokosher. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your view), […]

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Nicholas Skaggs QA Blog

A little while back I mentioned that Nicholas Skaggs would be joining the Community Team at Canonical. Nick is now on board but is not an Ubuntu Member yet, so his blog is not appearing on Planet Ubuntu. On his blog he will be talking about improving our QA infrastructure and documentation, building out manual […]

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Hacking On Accomplishments

A little while back I blogged about an accomplishments system that Stuart Langridge and I designed when he came to visit a while back. The idea was simple: a de-centralized system in which we can easily define different types of accomplishments (e.g. filing a bug, submitting a patch, getting a patch sponsored, translating a string) […]

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Community Team Goings On

A week ago I flew to Budapest for an Ubuntu Engineering Team Rally. This is where we get the Ubuntu Engineers at Canonical and some other groups together for a week to work together, plan future work, have meetings and make progress on our existing commitments. It is in this week that I gather together […]

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