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  • anonymous

    why would i?

  • Harry

    Sure thing, J. Will do if you ever have a product to show, not a sorry-ass mockup on a Samsung monitor.

  • Tyler Hamilton

    Thanks but no. I’m not into vaporware.

  • Tyler Hamilton

    I’m currently involved in a docudrama featuring Mr. Robert Pogson who is a huge Linux supporter. Anyways, the show involves Mr. Pogson trying out various Linux distros while his wife – in the background – takes on the likes of such celebrity cocks such as Mandingo, Jack Napier, and Shane Diesel. We may be able to deliver quality programming for your network.

    • LHB Producer
  • Tyrone

    Shit sux.

  • Miguelangelo

    how instal? please,senor,help, or they keel my famila

  • Anonymous

    Out of curiosity, have any of you ever tried typing anything into a search box with a remote?  It’s not fun, you might want to rethink that massive search box…

  • anonymous

    Needs more cowbell.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

     It might not be ready yet, but it is not vaporware. There is runnable code.

  • Anonymous

     It is not a mock-up, it is a running demo.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for your carefully considered feedback.

  • Anonymous

     Everything does. :-)

  • Harry
    • No live programming data
    • No live TV stream
    • Not running inside a TV

    All it can do right now: play trailers. Right, it’s not a mock-up.

    Why don’t you visit the Lenovo booth or whatever to educate yourself how a TV looks like?

  • Kevin Bacon’s #1 Fan

    Since when did Kevin Bacon get into Ubuntu?  Hey Kevin, for the demo couldn’t you have worked something out so they could play Footloose?

  • AneDijitak

    How about Twitter?

  • Anonymous

     Wow, you are clever in your comedy…I have the same last name as Kevin Bacon, hilarious. :-)

  • Tyler

    Most of the rest of it looks usable and intuitive but without a game plan, this will go nowhere. For example, who will manufacture devices for this OS? Who will provide the content programming (e.g. Netflix)? With programming, there will be a HUGE amount of work to tie in with various streaming APIs.

    Without a hardware manufacturer and a content programmer, all Canonical has is another UI on top of the Linux platform. Anyone can come up with a mockup.

  • Sarah Johnson

    Mr. Bacon I work for Vivid Entertainment’s hiring department and we are interested in hiring you as a fluffer. We have received positive recommendations from a Robert Pogson who says you perform admirably in this position for the men who gangbang his wife. Also, we see you have wonderful blowjob lips. We are ready to offer you airfare and a hotel room to come out to Los Angeles to audition. Please contact me at Thank you for your consideration.

  • Nigga Tyrone

    Jono be good at sucking cock.