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Improving Accomplishments Documentation

At the heart of the Ubuntu Accomplishments system is a way to discover how to participate in the community by seeing built in guidance and help for how to learn the skills you need and participate. Inside the app it looks like this: I need some help making the documentation for each of these accomplishments […]

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Call For Manual Test Writers

Nick has a call open for manual tests that we can include with the Ubuntu 12.04 Beta 1 testing that will kick off on Thursday. We really want to throw open the doors to a wide testing campaign to ensure quality for 12.04 but we need your help writing manual tests for: firefox rythmnbox empathy […]

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launchpadlib et al Guidance

Recently I have been working on the Ubuntu Accomplishments system and at the heart of the system is the ability to be able to detect if someone has successfully completed various tasks in the community. We can also provide guidance and recommendations for how to get started with new tasks in the community; this will […]

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Tutorial Video: Reporting a Bug in Ubuntu

Ubuntu 12.04 is going to be an awesome release, but we are asking our community to download the current daily development release, test it out, and file bugs to let us know where the defects are. This will then help our developers to resolve the problems ready for the final release. Fortunately, filing a bug […]

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Kudos, LibreOffice

I just wanted to offer my thanks to the LibreOffice team for their continued efforts in slimming down, refining, and bringing new features to the office suite. People sometimes talk a bit of smack about LibreOffice, but the team has been doing a great job in not only liberating the codebase from an unhealthy previous […]

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Calling All Twisted Daemon Experts

…I know…most metal blog post title ever, right? I wanted to ask for some guidance from some of you Twisted Python folks. I have written the backend process for Ubuntu Accomplishments using Twisted, and everything is running all nice and async. As I build towards getting my work into a state that I can package, […]

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Reminder: Ubuntu Global Jam Video Q+A Coming Up!

Just a quick reminder that in the next 30 mins I will be running a video Q+A session to explain how you can organize an Ubuntu Global Jam event next weekend. My videocast will be at: 11am Pacific / 2pm Europe / 7pm UTC/UK / 8pm CET – watch live here! Be sure to bring […]

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Good vs. Bad Trophies

Recently I have been blogging about the Ubuntu Accomplishments system that I have been building. While the feedback has been very positive, I know a few people are a little uncertain about the concept of trophies in a collaborative community environment. While I believe that receiving acknowledgement of accomplishments is a good thing and motivating, […]

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Ubuntu California Walnut Creek Global Jam

Are you in the San Francisco Bay Area? Would you like to meet some fun Ubuntu folks and hang out with them on a Friday in sunny, beautiful Walnut Creek? Ditto. This is why you should come and hangout with us fun Ubuntu folks in sunny, beautiful, Walnut Creek on Fri 2nd March 2012 at […]

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Ubuntu Global Jam Q+A Videocasts Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, Friday 24th Feb 2012, David Planella and I will be both running video Q+A sessions to explain how you can organize an Ubuntu Global Jam event next weekend. David’s videocast is more convenient for Europe and surrounding areas: 12pm UTC/UK / 1pm CET / 7am Eastern – watch live here! My videocast will be […]

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