Unity 5.2: Testers Needed!

A new Unity has been pushed into the Unity team’s PPA and we need testers to help give it a run for it’s money before it is accepted into Precise. Nick has all the details of how to participate in the testing right here. You will need to be running Precise to participate in the testing.

You can also find help if you get stuck in #ubuntu-unity on Freenode. Happy testing!

I am running it now and the multi-monitor improvements in Precise are so much better than they used to be.

  • Mazli Alias

    Currently running a test of Unity5.2. However kinda disappointed that some of the sentences used are quite vague and confusing..example “2. Press alt + key-above-tab quickly, instead of “alt + ~” keys.

    Good job anyway, the test expose some of the features which I never been exposed to. The new hidden launcher personalities works well especially when using Firefox.

  • Anonymous

     the key above tab isn’t ~ for me. ~ is on the right, middle row three to the right of L. The key above tab is ` with | and ¬ using modifiers. This key does the one application alt-tab thing.