Canonical Community Team Google+ Hangout

On Friday we had the first Google+ Hangout with the full Canonical Community team. To observe this important moment we all showed how happy we were:

Sponsored by Colgate.

L-R: Daniel Holbach, David Planella, Yours Truly, Jorge Castro, Michael Hall, and Nicholas Skaggs.

Google Hangouts are awesome for team meetings.

  • Venky

    is canonical doing something to bring hangouts like feature to empathy/ Open source clients?

  • Alessio Fattorini

    Do you use desktop sharing?

  • Anonymous

    Google APIs are notorious.

  • Anonymous

     We do, sometimes. :-)

  • Anonymous


  • Disappointed

    Wow, this really drives home the lack of diversity in the Canonical teams. Even the community team lacks female and minority voices!

  • Lucas Betschart

    Skills are more important then gender/race.

  • Anonymous

    I agree that it would be nice to have more diversity, but I don’t hire based on race or gender, I hire based on the best candidate and each of these folks were the best candidates.

  • Anonymous

     Also, Canonical is a hugely gender and race diverse company.