Ubuntu Accomplishments Video Demo

Recently I have been blogging about a project I have been hacking on called Ubuntu Accomplishments.

This is an accomplishments system that can be used to identify when people have accomplished various things in the Ubuntu project and reward them with trophies. The plan also makes additional skills and accomplishments more discoverable and provides better help for people to get started. While designed for Ubuntu, the system can be used for other projects and also for local applications (e.g. completing Level 1 on a game). Accomplishments in community projects are verified for their integrity so people can’t fake their trophies.

I wanted to present a video demo of the system working so far:

Can’t see it? See the video here!

You can find out more about the project here and the code is available in the following branches:

Now, this is really early in the stages of development. If you grab the code you will find various bits that are not yet implemented, but the core idea works.

Things we need to do next:

  • Generate the user’s trophy directory and share it with Ubuntu One. I have the code written to do this, I just need to merge it in.
  • Add a Getting Started page which asks the user if they want to use verified trophies that use Ubuntu One.
  • Fix support for machine-verifiable trophies that are dependent on others.
  • Actually sign the trophies.
  • Implement the categories filter in the My Trophies view.

I plan on writing a longer blog entry about how the system works later for those who are interested in contributing.

  • https://launchpad.net/~dinda Dinda

    You should check out Mozilla’s opendages.org project.  It’s a similar concept and they’ve already built a good framework, open apis, etc.

  • http://www.internationalpatentservice.com/US-USPTO-Patent.html USPTO SEARCH

    To spotlight these special achievements, a seven-minute video program has been produced and is narrated by ProMedica President and Chief Executive Officer Randy Oostra, who discusses how these accomplishments tie to our Mission and Values.

  • Richard Marsh

    Love this idea! I do things on my xbox just to unlock the points. Is there going to be a scale of difficulty on the trophies or like the playstion gold/silver/bronze? or even just Ubuntu Points (457UP) I can already imagine whole websites dedicated to showing people how to collect these.