Testing Ubuntu Accomplishments

I would like to open up Ubuntu Accomplishments to a little wider testing. Please note a few caveats:

  • You need to be running Ubuntu 12.04 to test this.
  • This is still a work in progress; there will be bugs.

Please follow the instructions at here for how to install. If you have questions feel free to ping me on IRC (I am jono and I am around in #ubuntu-community-team most of the time).

If you find a bug (and you probably will!), the bug will either be in software itself or one of the accomplishments. Please file bugs using the following links:

  • Bugs in the daemon and app – file bugs here
  • Bugs in the Ubuntu Accomplishments set – file bugs here

If you are unsure, just file bugs here.

There is a lot of work going on each day on this, so please be sure to update your branches each day (until we start releasing packages). You can do this with:

cd ubuntu-accomplishments-system
bzr pull

cd ubuntu-community-accomplishments
bzr pull


Writing Accomplishments – Volunteers Needed!

There are only a few accomplishments available in the system right now. The goal here is that accomplishments should be about new experiences. I would like to avoid things such as “50 posts to a bug report” or “500 posts to a forum“; those could be achieved by repeating meaningless content to get the numbers up. I would rather focus on new experiences such as “I have become an Ubuntu Member“, or “I got my first uploaded accepted“.

Writing accomplishments just requires a little knowledge of launchpadlib and Python for Ubuntu Accomplishments, or you can write accomplishments for other projects where you can query a web service.

If you are interested in writing some accomplishments to plug into the system, please see this page and the video tutorial at here.


  • Anonymous

    Will you get accomplishments for using Ubuntu accomplishments. Queue inception music now.

  • Anonymous

     Very meta. :-)

  • sil

    Actually… having a “started using accomplishments” accomplishment would be an interesting introduction to the system…a new user would see the bubble, have something in My Trophies…

  • http://www.jorgecastro.org/ Jorge Castro

    I ran into this today already. 

    There’s a trophy for “created a launchpad account” and the app depends on launchpad anyway, so what we should do is just rename that to be the “started using accomplishments” trophy.

  • http://www.kryogenix.org/days/ sil

    No sir. Ubuntu community accomplishments tend to rely on Launchpad. The app doesn’t. You might get the “completed a level without cheating” accomplishment from Aisleriot Solitaire, or the “sent a signed email” accomplishment from Thunderbird, or the “set up my Google Profile” accomplishment from Google. None of these require Launchpad. Don’t confuse what the community team hope to do with the accomplishments system for the whole system 😉

  • http://www.jorgecastro.org/ Jorge Castro

    Ok so now you’ve confused me, the first thing the app did was ask me for my launchpad email so it could start syncing. 

    I’ll ask Jono to explain that part to me in more detail at our next call, thanks for pointing that out.

  • http://www.kryogenix.org/days/ sil

     Yep, because you have the ubuntu-community accomplishments installed (and some of those require a Launchpad ID). You might not have those installed at all, though; you might have some Thunderbird accomplishments installed instead, for example.

  • http://twitter.com/andreagrandi Andrea Grandi

    It would be nice to have this feature: when a user “unlocks” a new Trophy he should see a notify balloon (just like any other Ubuntu notification). This would make the system more similar to an Xbox/PS3 😉 But… to do this, there should be a daemon that can be notified and maybe it’s not easy. I mean… I would avoid polling informations, to get a “push”, we should also make some changes in the LP api I think… any idea?

  • Anonymous

    Hi Andrea,

    Having trophy unlocked balloons is something I plan on implementing. In terms of the infrastructure, it already has a daemon that checks for accomplishments every 15 mins. We built it this way so it is de-centralized and building “push” support into LP is unlikely, and even it were likely, the system should support more than LP and other services are not typically push services.

    See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AccomplishmentsSpec for more details about how we designed it.