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Awesome Unity Contributions

Unity is a key piece of Ubuntu, and the Unity experience in Ubuntu 12.04 is shaping up to be fantastic across Desktop, TV, and Android. Yesterday Mike blogged asking for contributors to improve our Quicklist support in the most popular apps in Ubuntu. Within the same day he had a number of awesome contributions made […]

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Testing Ubuntu Accomplishments

I would like to open up Ubuntu Accomplishments to a little wider testing. Please note a few caveats: You need to be running Ubuntu 12.04 to test this. This is still a work in progress; there will be bugs. Please follow the instructions at here for how to install. If you have questions feel free […]

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Ubuntu for Android: The Response

Earlier today we announced Ubuntu on Android; the perfect combination of a phone that is powered by Android and when docked provides a full Ubuntu desktop experience. Not only that, but when plugged into a TV you also get the Ubuntu TV experience. All within one consistent and beautiful experience. I posted this news on […]

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Ubuntu Accomplishments Demo

After another furious week of hacking on my little project I have added a number of new features: Trophies that are verified by the verification server are now GPG signed so they can’t be faked on the client. We now support custom trophy icons; this way Ubuntu can have it’s own themed icons and upstreams […]

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Ubuntu Accomplishments Update

The last time I posted about my little project I shared a video demo of the work so far. I am pleased to report that I have made some further progress. A key part of the design of the accomplishments system is that it supports two types of accomplishment: Local – these are things you […]

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Ubuntu Accomplishments Lens

Click here for full size. Thanks to the always amazing David CallĂ© who has created this lens for the Ubuntu Accomplishments system. David was also the first person to brave running the Ubuntu Accomplishments system other than me (complete with the server verification pieces). It worked! This week I expect to have another update on […]

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Music Of Ubuntu

OK, fun little meme time. Simple question: Which songs remind you of Ubuntu? Think about the music…the vibe…the rhythm…what it makes you feel when you listen to the song. Which ones make you think of our goals of bringing Free Software to the world with Ubuntu? Reply using your blog, Google+, Facebook, Twitter or wherever […]

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Canonical Community Team Weekly Meetings

Just a reminder…every Tuesday at 8am Pacific / 11am Eastern / 4pm UTC on #ubuntu-community-team on freenode IRC. Everyone runs through a a list of the work they have been doing over the last week and you can ask questions. Feel free to join us; everyone is welcome!

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Ubuntu Accomplishments Video Demo

Recently I have been blogging about a project I have been hacking on called Ubuntu Accomplishments. This is an accomplishments system that can be used to identify when people have accomplished various things in the Ubuntu project and reward them with trophies. The plan also makes additional skills and accomplishments more discoverable and provides better […]

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Blogging Tips

Today I had a call with another team at Canonical who were wanting to ask for guidance on (a) how to write good blog entries that people want to read and (b) how to regularly get into the habit of blogging and get more eyeballs on your posts. I thought this could be of general […]

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