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Integrating Your App Into Unity

A little while back I created the following video that outlines many of the technologies available in Unity that your apps can neatly integrate with:

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Bytemark Rock Again

I want to show you something rather beautiful: He is the most interesting terminal in the world. Behind this simple exterior beats the heart of a beast; the new Ubuntu Accomplishments server that verifies all those lovely accomplishments that are achieved using the system. Recently I was a bit of a pickle regarding what to […]

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First Additional Accomplishments Set

One important part of the Ubuntu Accomplishments design is that any project or community can provide accomplishments. From the beginning I have been building the Ubuntu Community Accomplishments set to demo the system, but I am keen to encourage other projects to do so, such as upstreams, distributions, and other communities. Recently Alessandro Losavio from […]

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Ubuntu Accomplishments Updates

Over the last week the interest in Ubuntu Accomplishments has been growing more and more. Thanks to everyone who has expressed interest in playing with it and participating. To show you folks what the system looks like at the moment, and show some of these improvements, I have created another quick video demo to show […]

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DirecTV Charge You To Fix Their Service Issues

I don’t write a lot on my blog about issues with companies, service providers, and otherwise, but yesterday my wife and I discovered something which I wanted to make people aware of as I don’t want you good people to fall into the same trap. We have cable TV provided by DirecTV. We saw what […]

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Ubuntu Accomplishments Design: Update!

Last night I posted a call for a web designer to help design the accomplishment information inside the app. Fortunately, Brandon Holtsclaw responded and sent over some CSS and HTML that was ready for me when I woke up. It now looks like this: Shiny! Thanks to Brandon for this work! I also really liked […]

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Web Design Help Needed

As part of Ubuntu Accomplishments you can read information about each accomplishment to find out more about how to participate. This is an important piece of the system: being able to provide useful, discoverable information to our community. It looks a little like this: The goal is to create in-depth help and guidance for a […]

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Call All Django Web Developers

Are you a web developer who uses Django to build web apps? We are looking for a developer to contribute to the Ubuntu Accomplishments editor to help make it easy for people to contribute documentation for accomplishments across the community, Ubuntu desktop, and elsewhere. I started working on this, but I need to focus my […]

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Ubuntu Forums and Ask Ubuntu

Support is an important part of any community, and I just wanted to offer my thanks and gratitude to both our Ubuntu Forums and Ask Ubuntu communities. The Ubuntu Forums has seen incredible growth and interest (over a million users) over the years with a wonderful community forming, and Ask Ubuntu has provided a fantastic […]

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Notes From Canonical Community Team Meeting

Sorry, folks, I forgot to blog these. See the notes from today’s team meeting.

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