DirecTV Charge You To Fix Their Service Issues

I don’t write a lot on my blog about issues with companies, service providers, and otherwise, but yesterday my wife and I discovered something which I wanted to make people aware of as I don’t want you good people to fall into the same trap.

We have cable TV provided by DirecTV. We saw what seemed like a pretty decent deal in CostCo one day and decided to sign up. While the quality of the service is generally pretty good, there were a few surprises in there when we started using it.

A few of the services we were expecting that were sold to use by the rep at CostCo were not as he described, but after some frustration we figured, hey, we will keep going with them as they seem to provide a generally decent cable.

Yesterday the sound stopped working on our TV. Being of the geeky persuasion, it didn’t take long for me to have narrowed the issue down to the DirecTV box. I tested the TV, surround sound, cabling, networking to the box, and identified that there was no sound on either the live feed or DVRed programmes. We also had an issue with the DirectTV box in the bedroom which could no longer play DVR content from downstairs. I had reset the box multiple times, power cycled it, re-authorized it via the site and was confident we would need a service engineer to come our and resolve the issue.

I called DirecTV and they did some checks on the box. They triggered a remote diagnostic check and an error came up indicating that there was an issue with satellite dish alignment.

After these checks, it was clearly an issue with the DirecTV service/hardware.

I was then informed me that we would need to pay $49 to have an engineer come out to resolve the service issue.

Let me just take a second to re-iterate this…we were paying a monthly fee for DirecTV service using the rented equipment that they provide, their service was no longer working as expected, we had clearly defined it as a DirecTV service/hardware problem, yet we had to pay $49 for the issue to be resolved.

Naturally I was pretty unhappy about this. The manager who I escalated this to informed me that this was in the contract. She went on to say that DirecTV like to be upfront about their service provision and what is involved in the contract. Well, we were never informed about this, in the same way the other parts of the service I mentioned earlier were not communicated clearly to us either.

Now, I am not saying that Erica and I are geniuses, but I do think we are smart enough to understand the nature of a service offering, what is provided, how much it costs, ask about hidden fees, and be able to choose a service wisely. DirecTV were not clear about this.

It turns out that when you get your new DirecTV service installed they provide a 90-day warranty and then you are on your own. What happens after 90 days? Well, it turns out you need to have a “protection plan“.

Call me a cynic, but when a subscribe to a service, be it cable, electric, gas, water, or anything else, I don’t expect to have to take out a protection plan when the provider fails to provide that service to me. What is to stop DirecTV compromising our service to trigger future service calls at $49 a shot? I am not saying this is what happened here, but if they took responsibility for resolving their own service issues, I would know they would not do things such as that as the costs would be incurred to them, not their customers.

Now, if I screw something up and waste their time, such as if they come out to fix an issue that was unrelated to DirectTV, that is a different matter, but when the issue is clearly as part of their service provision, I think it is unacceptable to charge customers for you to resolve your own service issues.

  • Corfy

    I had a similar problem with DirecTV, which is why I’m not a customer of theirs anymore. We starting having signal fluctuation problems on our TV (I would pull up the signal meter and watch it fluctuate from 94% signal to no signal and back multiple times per minute, and each time it dropped to 0, our video and audio would, understandably, freeze up… we watched an hour show one time and only heard about five complete sentences). I’d blame a tree getting blown in and out of the signal path… except there are no trees at all in the signal path. I’d blame weather, except it would happen even on calm, sunny days with no clouds. I called DirecTV, and they wanted to send a new set-box out to me, but that would cost $70 (at the time). I asked if there were any other options, and they suggested sending out a technician, but it would cost $80 for him to show up. As we were out of contract by that point, I just canceled their service instead.

  • Forrest

    I had those symptoms; it turned out to be a rusted coaxial cable.

  • Lu√≠s Miranda

    Come live to Portugal! maybe someone will steal your house ( the power company will certainly ) , but the cable service is OK! :)

    Keep up the good work in ubuntu! ūüėČ

  • Benjamin Kerensa

    Kudos to Jono for calling out the silly practice of consumers being charged a fee to fix the service they are already paying a monthly fee on.


    Since I dont watch TV, cable internet works well for me. I get up to 20mbps for $29 a month. Every year I have to go through the pain of arguing and threatening to cut off my service completely. The key to this is actually not caring if your internet gets cut off :) Because they can hear it in your voice. If i truly am ready to walk away, then nothing is stopping me and then thats when they give me an awesome deal.

  • TonyNoOne

    “I was then informed me that we would need to¬†pay $49 to have an engineer come out to resolve the service issue.” …and by “engineer”, I assume you mean underpaid, cable monkey with a three day training course under his belt, a bad attitude and a penchant for arriving late to scheduled appointments.

  • neuro

    You’re paying a service fee for the content delivered. Do you expect British Gas to repair the boiler on your premises FOC? They will not. Do you expect npower to fix a broken electricity socket in your house? They won’t touch it with a bargepole. ¬†If you ask BT to come out and deal with a phone/broadband fault, and it turns out to be the CPE (phone, router, etc), you’ll be charged ¬£130.

    Yes, in the UK there is legislation for consumer protection, e.g. Sale of Goods Act, but DirecTV’s Protection Plan is no different to Sky Protect, British Gas HomeCare, et al.

    Just out of interest, did you pay an installation fee for DirecTV?

  • Michael Hall

    Most utility companies will at the very least take responsibility for everything up to the¬†demarcation point. ¬†For DirectTV, that should include the dish itself. ¬†Furthermore, if you are renting equipment from a utility, they are always (in my experience) responsible for ensuring that it is functioning properly, and fix or replace it if it isn’t. ¬†Again, for DirectTV, the dish and the DVR/STP should be included.¬†

  • Michael Hall

    I have BrightHouse (Time Warner) for cable, and I’ve had multiple problems with their signal and their DVRs, but I have never had to pay for them to come out and check it, fix it, or replace things.

  • Jon

    Been with Costco for years. Is this something that Costco Concierge Service can handle?

  • Anonymous

    If you’ve ever had a water leak in the pipes leading to your house, drop your cell phone on contract, have an issue with the wiring(electrical or phone) you would know that, “when a subscribe to a service, be it cable, electric, gas, water, or anything else, I don‚Äôt expect to have to take out a protection plan when the provider fails to provide that service to me”, doesn’t really hold.¬† In each of these cases, it is up to you to pay for the fix.

  • AdamW

    ¬†You own the water pipes. You own the wiring. You even own the cellphone. Jono doesn’t own the box or the DirecTV cabling. If he cancelled his service, they’d want them back.

  • Steve Kowalik

    May I suggest s/plan/racket/ instead? ūüėõ

  • Dan M

    Don’t even get me started about how bad DirtTV is.¬† (I misspelled on purpose).¬†¬† I do you feel your pain.¬† As bad as my cable company Comcast and traditional phone company Versizon is – these two are saints compared to DirtTV.¬† Best of luck getting rid of the Dirt.

  • Anonymous

    Just an FYI.  I think you can sign up for the service plan NOW.  Just wait 24 hours to schedule the service call.  

    Also, I don’t think a¬†satellite dish alignment issue will cause only sound to go out. Normally the picture goes at the same time. It should not affect recorded shows at all. I’m guessing you have a¬†hardware¬†issue with your box.¬†

  • Joe Tennies

    No, but it’s his house that he could’ve done anything to, which is their problem. It worked and was properly aligned when they left. Alignment is most likely the wind, but let’s say he reroofed or rewired his coax. DirecTV doesn’t know.

    I’m not saying I like it, but I know why it’s that way.

  • Joe Tennies

    ¬†I didn’t think DirecTV was a rental. I think you pay a service fee for getting the DVR to work, but I think you keep the DVR and dish when you close your account.

  • Joe Tennies

    ¬†I didn’t think DirecTV was a rental. I think you pay a service fee for getting the DVR to work, but I think you keep the DVR and dish when you close your account.

  • Sriram Ramkrishna

    Dude.. ditch DirecTV, and just go OTA + roku + netflix.  I did that and I live in bliss.

  • Yaman

    Actually the only thing directv retains ownership of is the boxes you lease. When they’re done installing the new dish and cabling all of that stuff is given to you. Its also for that reason that if you cancel their service you can’t call them and say come take this dish and cable that you installed here out of my house, because that whole system is given to you at the signing of your contract for free and they’re not going to guarantee it forever.

  • Jose

    Are you mad? All cable providers in PT are useless. Last month they even tried to charge me one of their — free —¬†promotional VoD films.

  • MHazell

    Ditch them. Tell them to go get their equipment tomorrow or you toss it on the ground. They’ll act in your favor.

  • Google

    i dont think soo direct tv is on rental bases…!

  • Deewatz

    We purchased two new TVs and I needed help with the hook-ups. I finallyh returned the first one. On the second¬†purchase, three phone calls later, after being told by two “service” persons that I needed to upgrade to HDTV, I finally got a guy who knew where the red, yellow, white etc. cable connections belong. How hard was that, what great knowledge did it require by someone who is supposed to be knowledgeable? Bottom line, is that it does work, without the upgrade and the first one I bought would probably have worked alo if the cable had been plugged in properly.¬† I am switching to DISH next time.

  • Lainey

    I am in agrrement with you guys. The problem you are describing is happening to me today (5th of July). What happened to the “customer service” that Direct had? Not to mention the fact that you have to agree with a new 2 year contract.¬†I checked with the local cable company to see if I could possibly change, but they are higher and I cannot afford it. I don’t know what else to do but stay with them. You can bet that I will be changing after the end of the contract.

  • Dedstroke

    I know this is old, but still needs to be addressed.¬† Like it or not, you pay monthly for PROGRAMMING, not service.¬† Service costs extra (as noted by the protection plan cost).¬† If you choose NOT to pay for service, don’t expect it.¬† Keep in mind that you can sign up for that service plan anytime…

    I am a retailer Dish and Directv both.¬† We unapologetically charge¬† for service, but make sure our customers understand¬†why upfront…I think the main issue here was it being a Costco purchase – quick decisions usually end up with these results.¬† Next time deal local!

  • Airdog

    But it’s not our equipment. We pay for programming to be delivered using DirecTV owned equipment. How the heck is the customer responsible for fixing equipment we don’t own so you can deliver the content WE pay for. That’s just¬†asinine.¬†

  • Jenny Parry

    I am having exactly the same issue. ¬†Our receiver stopped working and we have to wait for DirectTV to ship us a new one and then install ourselves or pay for a service call. ¬†It’s outrageous. ¬†We have been offered a deal by AT&T and may well take it up as it’s less expensive and offers better service.

  • Machy2

    This is bad custumer service on Direct TV period. I do not see the diference between paying for programing and recieving the service to repair Direct TV own equipment, so you can get the programing you are paying for. It’s not the custumer equipment, moreover, we pay a fee to rent it, we have to return it upon cancelation or they charge you for the equipment. I had the same problem today when I opened my bill I found the $49 service call charge¬†for a reciever that had a malfuntion on the hardware and they had to replace it. I did not buy the service thru cosco, I did it directly to direct TV and even when I made the service call I was not informed about the charges. I will make the claim tomorrow,¬† and if they do not waive the fee, they will loose another customer.

  • bmyrc17

    DirectTV not only has service issues, they have had billing issues and also have had false advertisement campaigns such as the free 15 day view and no penalty cancelation advertisement of 2011. I am in a battle now on that. The advertisement was that you had 15 days to VIEW, but If you called in to cancel before that 15 days that there would be no penalties. However, they said, “But, your fifteen days begin right now eventhough they could not get it installed for 3-5 days. So how is it possible to view something that is not capable of working due to lack of installation. They make you sign a 2yr. contract before it is installed, thus before you are given the 15 days or actually minus the 3-5 days to get a subcontractor out 10 – 12 days, then I had at least 3 channels that showed nothing but advertisements for their advertisers and 1 for themselves. So now in battle of debt of contract against credit with charges for 2 yrs. of NO service. How can this be allowed by the FCC. Last I chkd. there are conditions to a “be able to view” advertisement.

  • bmyrc17

    Google DirectTV and see how much money they are paying the government and something like 42 states. Sad thing just like everything else the consumer is the only looser. Look at the auto industry bailouts, they are still recalling automobiles by the hundreds of thousands, they are still the same piles of scrap and we are paying double to the auto’s true value. After, DirectTV pays their fines and such, they will still be here ripping people off with the FCC’s tolerance for yet another fine.

  • Jason

    I just experieced the same situation. My receiver stopped picking up my home wireless system, and now I can’t record On Demand services. They have to now send a technician. They want me to pay $49 for something I had no control over. If I did something to cause something to break, I would have more understanding; however, I am in no way responsible. I expressed my displeasure on the phone and just sent them an email. As someone who works within the service industry, this absolutely boggles my mind that they would treat customers this way. It’s a damn same, really.

  • prp134

    Im experiencing the same issue, two of THEIR receiver boxes stopped working and I say THEIRS because I’m basically renting them and if I should cancel my contract I would have to return THEIR receivers or be charged HOWEVER, if anything should happened to THEIR receivers I! HAVE to pay them for their receivers?? it doesn’t make sense to me

  • helios

    I just had the same issue with DirecTV. Called in and did their diagnostics/resets, etc. 3 times over a few months. Our DVR was freezing up on live TV, we had pixelation and artifacts in recordings, and glitches in recordings that would make them incomplete. (Frustrating first-world problems like: Looking forward to the season finale of Breaking Bad or that movie you recorded to watch on your lazy Sunday afternoon? You had better be babysitting it live to make sure the DVR doesn’t botch the recording!) Their diagnostics did not show errors, but the service personnel found it to be a satellite alignment issue. I thought this would fall under a free replacement/repair of malfunctioning equipment, but our service guy informed us it would be the $49 fee, as it’s a repair to faulty installation, and that high winds can slightly move your dish. One option to avoid the $49 fee is to sign on to the $6/month protection plan, then cancel it, incurring a $10 cancellation fee. I opted for the $49 service call, as I was sure that faulty equipment was to blame–and I was sort of correct. BUT AT NO POINT was it suggested that the dish alignment could be to blame for intermittent glitches in live and recorded programming. I work in IT and am confident I could align the satellite myself…there is even a tutorial on DirecTV’s website. We were instructed to take out the coax connecter and touch it to something to discharge built up static…what?! That’s when I stopped their “troubleshooting” short; “So you’re suggesting that we ‘discharge the static from the line’ periodically to remedy this problem?”…I scheduled the service call in frustration at that point. We pay over $150/month for our package and our LEASED receiver. Their troubleshooting only extends to the receiver, I guess, and the equipment that they installed needed adjustment…OK, then tell us that we need to maintain that equipment and HOW (could I get a manual up in here?).

  • JL Moore

    Agree fully. I’m about to have Direct TV satellite installed, and for these reasons, and many others I’ve heard, plus having the holly crap out of me by reading their contact, I’m cancelling the Service.

  • mbs_00

    In July, I had 771 error that I couldn’t fix, despite following all their directions. They scheduled a person to come out and at the time the guy told me there would be a charge. I made the same argument you did, about this being their equipment, blah blah blah, and he said since I was a “loyal” customer they would waive the service fee. Well, next month when I got my bill, guess what? There was that fee. It took me three months to get rid of it…and I had everyone’s names and employee numbers. If I didn’t live so far out in the sticks, I would for sure switch…but there just ain’t nobody else!!! Good luck.

  • Angry

    I have had the same issue with DirecTV. I had error 771 and called to get someone out to fix it. They told me it would be $49 or a $5 charge/month in order to receive the protection plan. After going around in circles I finally asked to be transfered to the “cancelation department” to see what they could do. This is your best option when dealing with DirecTV because it seems these people can make the most happen. I was told someone would come out free of charge to fix my service, after I told them I wanted it caceled. The young lady on the phone informed me that since I was in a contract it would cost $250 to cancel my service, to which I explained I DIDN’T HAVE SERVICE so I would not be paying that fee. So I just got my bill (which is auto-payed from an account) and low and behold there is a $49 fee for a technician. I called to have this reimburssed to my card but they informed me that unless it is over $100 they can’t process a “special refund waiver.” This is not right! Basic business says that in order to make a profit, a company must charge someone a price higher than the good is worth in order to make money. So by them giving me a $49 credit, all they are doing is giving me $49 worth of service, which is likely (I have not done the math yet) a lot less than the $49 dollars I paid originally. Simply put, $49 dollars is not the same as a $49 credit. Yet this is how they resolved an issue that should have never happened in the first place.

  • Mark

    I have a feeling I’ll be seeing direct tv in court.

  • Robert C.

    I had a similar issue with directv. My second receiver went out (it is rented equipment and it no longer worked). When I called directv, they told me I had to pay to have it replaced (It is rented equipment!). I just returned the box to them and told them to cancel that service.

  • Donald Payne

    I just got off the phone with Direct Tv and they wanted to send a service tech out for the same $49 to tell me that my receiver was shot I would need a new one.(which I would have to pay for). I told them to just turn off this one and I went online and ordered another basic box for my son’s bedroom that cost me $96 that I was going to have to pay for anyway. Every time their equipment fails they try to milk you for as much as they can get. And to add insult to injury; every time you pay to replace THEIR broken equipment, they restart the clock on your 24 month term of service.

  • Heather Steele

    I would recommend staying far away from Directv, they are great when hooking you up, but when it comes to customer service, they are a nightmare. I have been with them for 14 years and have been treated like crap, and sadly, they are ranked #1, what does that say about the others? I am seriously considering dropping directv and going straight to streaming!!

  • vanessa

    That’s why my sales person told me about the protection plan. For 7.99 a month that covers dish allignmnent and service calls.

  • OldSkool

    I came across this blog when I Googled my issue with Directv. Trying to get the word out about my experience. I ordered a movie via text for the first time. It wouldn’t play so I called customer service (as instructed on the screen). The ever-so-helpful automated system informed me that I could continue to be helped via automation for a small fee of $1,50 or I could speak to a customer service rep for a $5 fee. Un-freakin-believeable. The good news is I got a text assuring me that my account had been charged $4.99 for the movie. Because of the Holiday weekend I’ll wait until Monday to call them and try to speak to a higher up customer relations person. God knows how much that will cost me.

    BTW – I also have the no sound issue. I’ve just gotten accustomed to turning DVR off and on until the sound works.

  • desapointed

    after 2 years of service and paying the $6/month protection plan, we decided that we didn’t need it. We cancelled yesterday and today we have no sound in all direct tv channels. what a coincidence we are defenetly cancelling the service.

  • JustSayinEP

    Not surprised that you didn’t read the contract or expected a Costco sales rep to spell it out for you in easy-to-understand language – perhaps a flowchart created using crayons. After all, you start off by referring to a service delived via satellite as “cable”.

  • satguy

    I am a directv technician and must tell you that the sec the dish is installed you own it that and any cabling or switches that were installed so if that fails it will cost you for us to go out there and fix it, but If the box fails they are leased and directv will send you one in the mail to replace faulty unit. Your prob did sound like the box.

  • Darren

    however, it does take a lot more service calls to fix one issue.

  • Bob in Michigan

    Again having problems with direct tv. I probably should have learned during our last two year stent that working with direct always cost when it look or even sounds like it could a problem of theirs. Now tuner 1 103 deg even has a big Red “X” . I really find it very disgusting that again I have to contact direct tv. I know nothing has changed or ever will. Eleven months left on my current contract. Good-by Direct tv.

    At least my nine “on air” always works. If more families were to say good by to Direct tv it could be they my become customer friendly!

    Bob In Michigan

  • sssnewbie

    and the truth is the programming isn’t covered either. Like when Viacom removed their programming from DirecTV and those subscribers were out of luck. The contract also specifies that they can change programming any time.

  • sssnewbie

    Neuro is right, and that is exactly why you should not go with DirecTV and why many people will not.

  • sssnewbie

    I know it’s an old post thread but check your local service providers. The good news is that many are offering to pay your cancellation fee if you come back. Not ideal but at least it helps you break loose. I tried to post my similar issue on the Direct TV facebook page but it was immediately pulled down. I ended up posting a few times in the threads underneath the Directv posts in the hope that someone would respond and it was ignored.



  • Charlene Adams

    My husband & I just, I mean just had the EXACT SAME problem with Direct TV. But we will be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. It’s just another “GOTCHA”. And as soon as our contract is up in Nov, we will seek another service provider.

  • bob

    the difference is i own the pipe providing water to my house and the wiring on my property for the phone, I do not own the direct tv reciever. Do you pay for the new roof that is needed on the house that you rent?????????? thought not

  • SAR

    We’ve had DirecTV for 8+ years and were talked into their service plan. My first gripe is that we were lied to about everything that is covered. It does not cover the moving of your dish. The original technician who installed our system took the easy route and put the dish low on our roof, just above the (young) tree line. Also, when we had hail damage and needed to have a new roof put on, this again is not considered to be part of their coverage in their service plan.

    So, we feel as if we have not been getting our monies worth out of our $5.99 a month payment, so less than a month ago, we dropped this plan. Coincidentally, our HD receiver stopped receiving a signal. We have 2 TV’s running off of one dish. The non-HD receiver reports 94 – 100% signal strength, the HD receiver, 0. I call customer service and they walk me through the same steps to reset the receiver that I had done twice before trying to get my signal back. After all of this they tell me that it’s an installation issue and that I need to have a technician come out and service my system.

    Sounds too much like a scam to me.

    I’m going to call my internet provider to see about upgrading my internet speed so I can start taking advantage of the internet streaming options so I can drop DirecTV.

  • getoveryouselves

    you obviously must like something about them if you have stayed 14 years? really?? come on guys don’t blame them for your mistakes, we all carry car insurance don’t we? leased or owned anything that happens YOU pay for

  • wylie

    Amen, I agree wholeheartedly. I’m in that same position now. I pay for Filipino package and one of the two TV channels is currently searching for satelite (error code 771), but the other TV channel and the radio channel work fine. DirectV’s position is something could have cause the disk to move out of alignment. But, I receive one Filipino TV channel and one radio channel.

    How could the problem be disk positioning?

  • Brian

    Your equipment, your incompetence, your responsibilities, your bad business practices!!!!

  • Brian

    This is exactly what happened to me. Its such a load of horse shit. Its like going to a restaurant and ordering a steak medium rare and they bring burnt chicken and when you tell them of their mistake, they say they will have to charge you to make the steak the way you originally asked for it. What fucking way is this to run a business?? I thought the cable companies were a bunch of rip off artist. There’s just no satisfaction anymore with any kind of businesses. Leave one greedy fucking ass hole for another.’

  • Brian

    Your comparison is moronic. Its like comparing apples and chickens. We are paying for a service, not for a car you fuck head. We wont own the dish or any of the equipment. That service we pay for is satellite tv. If the equipment that they provide to deliver does not deliver this satellite signal, then its their problem not ours. Its a fucking scam dumb ass. Its like going out to eat and paying for a steak and being charged if the oven stops working. Thats their equipment. We cancel, they get it back.

  • Cran-31

    I ordered your service on 5/20 and I’m so irritated and Disappointed because I wasn’t informed by the sales person about all the chargers you get once you activated the service and THAT’S NOT RIGHT! Why do I have to pay for something I didn’t know about it! I WAS NEVER TOLD THAT I HAVE TO PAY $7.99 FOR THE EQUIPMENT INSURANCE EVERY MONTH. ALSO I WAS NEVER TOLD THAT IF I WANT HD RECEIVERS I HAVE TO PAY $10 EXTRA EVERY MONTH! WHERE IS YOUR INTEGRITY DIRECTV? I WANT SOME ONE FIX THIS TO TALK TO ME ASAP

  • rosa

    My service with Direct TV coincidentally became compromised exactly 1 year into my contract. I have been receiving the “searching for signal..771…” message on some of my channels. Upon calling Direct TV, I received the same spiel as everyone else…I have 2 choices to resolve this: 1. pay the $49 service fee for a technician. or 2. Get roped into the “service protection plan” which requires a monthly fee. I refuse to do either of these options and expressed that accordingly. It has been a week since my phone call to Direct TV, and now even more of my channels are “searching for a signal!!” It seems to only be the main channels that I watch. I have a year left in my contract and am extremely dissatisfied. I am one to jump through all of the hoops in order to receive “justice” and I will most definitely warn as many people as I know to stay away from DirectTV for this very reason. If they can’t deliver the service they promise, they are in the wrong. More people need to educate themselves and read blogs such as this before they make a choice for their TV service.

  • Phone Man

    I’ve been a loyal Direct TV customer since 1998 and started working for them a few weeks ago, although via an outsourced company. Evidently you haven’t read everything about your service, don’t worry you’re not the only one…there’s a way you can get your service call free…you sign up for protection plan and get the first month free, get the service call free, then opt out of protection plan after the 30th day and not pay a cent…service call was free and $0 for a protection plan, as long as you remember to cancel it after the 30th day. They allow you to do that once during the lifetime of your account…though we’re not supposed to advertise a protection plan to cancel so you can get a free service call, we do and are required to mention it when we’re describing the benefits of the protection plan…and it does have benefits, such as repairing and replacing equipment you use with DTV such as tvs, computers, etc., problem is 95% of you people when you call us are so emotional and upset about having to shell out $50 for “Directv’s equipment:” that you don’t listen…that we’re actually telling you in plain English how to get out of paying the service call. Fact is DTV is one of the best companies for customer satisfaction in the USA, they give away millions of dollars in free credits to their customers, the more loyal the customer the more they give away including the latest receivers, equipment, service calls, you can get free stuff from them, all you gotta do is call and ask what you’re eligible for, bet you didn’t know that? But you can go to Comcast that does not charge for service calls, but you won’t get as many channels for what you paid with DTV…and Dish charges for service calls and they are #2 worst customer service in USA. I tell you this not because I work for them, I get minimum wage, and it’s the first job I was able to get after losing my job in 2009, I’m already looking for a different job; I got my degree two days before I started with DTV, this wasn’t what I took a gamble and spent 4 years of study for…but I’ve been with DTV as a customer for years and have been more than satisfied, and I was with Comcast previously as long…and I don’t know anyone that is satisfied with Dish. Moral of the story…read your lease agreement. You rent a car from Enterprise, decline purchasing or using your own insurance, then get in a car accident…you’re gonna say “hey it’s your car! Why should I pay for it?!?!?”

  • E to the F‚ĄĘ

    I had the exact same problem for the last two weeks. 771a searching for signal. Tried lots of system resets, with no appreciable improvement . Went to their site and followed instructions to troubleshoot. Check cable tightness. Reset receiver. And cycle the power on SWiM power inserter. No change. Then l called DirecTV and found out for the first time about the $50 service call. Totally shocked. It was NEVER mentioned during sales.

    Hang on, there’s a happy ending, maybe. Today I tried another reset, and the receiver (receiver = DVR) never came back on. So I unplugged it for a few minutes. And guess what, no problems since!!!! The receiver goes through a long boot up sequence, restoring the guide, and your record lists, and then the normal reset. 10 hours later, its still all good.

    Its worth a try before you cave in.

  • swmangel16

    I just spoke with someone at Directv and they told me up front that if I cancelled the service plan within the first several months that I would be billed the $49. She said that she isn’t sure how long you have to keep it but she has cancelled the service plan for individuals after 6 months and they were billed the $49.

  • John

    I am currently experiencing the same issues with service. With all due respect SATGUY the point is simple: If you rented an apartment and an appliance broke or the heat went out then it is up to the landlord to fix not the tenant. The same thing holds true for DTV leased equipment. I don’t own the equipment and lease it so as the consumer it is not my responsibility to maintain it. I understand a tech is needed on occasion but that $49 fee should be a check sent to the tech from DTV. I have been a long time customer of DTV and have paid for any equipment or services needed tenfold. It is pure greed on the part of DTV including their $7.99 per month service plan is a total consumer rip off….that’s basically $100 per year for what? Maintaining DTV responsibilities to the consumer.

  • Totally Teed Tom

    90 days? Mine went out within a few days of installation and I was told there was a $49 charge even after I told the rep what was wrong, loose wire ends. I had to repair myself. And the bonehead installer cut all the ends off all wires in MY box . To boot, I had to crawl my crippled butt under the house to pull wires because installer wouldn’t go under house. TV went out 2 days this week also and got same $49 speech. Rented extra box for 2nd home with knowledge of DTV and they gave me dish but after failing to get it to work and contacting rep was told I couldn’t do that, OK before contract but not OK after contract. Hunting new service.

  • Soma

    dtv tech csr here, in the contract it says you will take no legal action against directv, and any legal action you take will be done on directvs terms. good luck with that.

  • Soma

    wrong. if you had to have 2 techs out one right after another you would’ve been sent to case management. and i guarantee if you had someone go out there in the first 90 days, the system would not bill you the $49, the charge is automatically generated by RIO (our account management program). i work as a dtv tech csr.

  • Soma

    as soon as your services were installed, you own all that equipment, dish, switches, cables. we never ask for any of that back. we will replace your leased equipment if it should fail, but everything else is your property. as such, it costs money to get it fixed. your more than welcome to repair it yourself, everything you need aside from switches and lnbs you can find in a hardware store.

  • Soma

    k be right there.

  • Soma

    hd and non-hd feeds come from different satellites. specifically, non-hd comes from the 101 degree orbital, and hd comes from both the 99 and 103, with a small percentage of national locals coming from the 119. your dish was unaligned. shoulda kept the protection plan.

  • technical genius

    first off, you sir are a moron.

    you obviously have little intelligence since you did not read into information first before signing a contract with a third party vendor.

    they do not directly work with the services so naturally its gonna sound a little better from a cosco rep.

    your monthly receiver fee is a mirroring fee (not a rental fee) that allows all of your additional receivers in the home to receive that primary service that your primary receiver receives which you DO NOT get charged for that receiver fee on the primary unit.

    if you were to purchase the directv protection plan then you would of course receive a $0 charge for any service visits that are not intentional causes and/or acts of god (which is a limitation with all warranty and insurance companies) and that protection plan covers NORMAL WEAR AND TEAR to all directv equipment, from dish, receivers and remote controls, if cabling needs to be repaired then if it is normal wear and tear then they will cover it. when you call into directv and need assist, you are speaking with a tech SUPPORT agent, not a agent that will listen to a moron barking orders and assuming the issue, they are there to help resolve the technical issue over the phone to avoid making you wait for several days for a tech depending on what APPOINTMENTS are available.

    BUT if you were to cancel that protection plan with thine first YEAR of having the services then your $0 service call would be reversed to that $49.95 charge, the first 30 days of the service is a no charge NO claim period, so I am sorry but “phone man” sadly does not know what he is talking about.

    I have been a loyal directv customer for 10+ years and have been working for the directv protection plan for 4 years, before working for them i never called for a technical issue even though i have paid for the directv protection plan during that entire time, and there has been revisions of the service to help further benefit your experiences, usually if you stupidly run over a coax cable with a lawn mower you would have to pay for someone to go out to your home and fix it because you were stupid and caused the problem, now they have accidental and unintentional damage, which means if you accidentally broke it, then they will fix it free even though in reality, you should still have to pay for it because YOU caused the problem. you are obviously not a technical person, I know how to resolve monkey work and naturally electrical equipment is going to fail at some point or have technical issues, you could have 2 devices of the exact same make and model and even manufactured on the same day in the same factory and one can last a month and the other a year. because electrical failure is a unexpected and common issue with ALL manufacturers and providers. a little experience of my own, when i was 19 my dish was getting signal issues because of tree growth, i understood why it would be a cost for someone to relocate the dish but didnt have the money and its a custom change of setup so its not technically a billable issue, the tree was my neighbors so i could not trim it so what i did was relocated the dish myself, and to make sure it was getting a signal i used my brain and did a little research to see how those things worked and was able to align it perfectly with almost 100% signal across the board.

    if your stupid then you will have problems, but if you claim to have intelligence then prove it and try thinking for yourself for a change instead of expecting everything to be a charity.

    directv, dish network, time warner, charter, ALL of them are businesses, not charities, so get your head out of your ass and don’t bitch about it “JONO”.


  • chris

    I just happened across this article…. same thing, $49 to realign a dish that they installed 8 months earlier. told them to shove it..went into the menu and re-calibrated all that way.. works now…. for now. If necessary I will go to amazon and buy the dish realignment tool

  • Mark Javier

    I just got off the phone with DirecTV for the same reason. Why should I pay $49 dollars for a service call when I’m receiving subsription channels on one of my four ‘rented’ boxes but not on the other ‘rented’ boxes. They offered me instead to sign up to $7/monthly maintenance plan. Bulls@$%!!.

  • Dtv Conspiracy

    Funny. I was ready this thread as I spoke with Dtv through my computer. I asked the girl, what if this is a glitch set in the equipment that YOU guys put in my house set to cause problems after a certain amount of days. BAM!!! We have to call Dtv and pay the $50 or $8 monthly. Technical issues are seriously easy to create, even timed ones. And on top of this, they are in complete contact with our/their equipment through the internet (at least mine is). They can control it. I completely believe this is a scam and will find a way to track down how Dtv is doing it.

    BTW!!! Not more than 30 seconds after I got off the phone AFTER confirming my $8 monthly service fee and the technician to come out here, BAM! the TV and equipment is working fine. Go figure.

  • Dtv Conspiracy

    since you’re a technician. Can Dtv make the 771 error happen just to get the $49 fee or $8 montly fee, then fix it and you’re stuck with the fee?

  • oh-well

    Soma. I am a new DTV customer, just finding out about this…The contract i received this morning states otherwise. I am simply leasing them, and at the same time responsible for the repair/ maintenance on them, hw/performance, or otherwise. Unless of course I pay DTV $7.99/month. It states, I “have no right to sell, give away, transfer, pledge, mortgage, alter or temper with the equipment.” And then DTV expects them back at the end of the relationship – DTV person just told me. So the customer is contractually obligated to keep things working for them, until DTV wants it back, and to have it opened/worked on it by DTV only. NO way out. That’s how the contract reads.

  • cc

    they did the same to me. they told me my old box would not work anymore and sent me a new box which belongs to them. now I get the 711 message all the time and they want to charge me to send a technician I got the same double speak form their support about the fees. I’ve been with Directtv for over 20 years and have never had such problems. oh and I’m the second box they’ve sent!!!

  • tooldarguy

    Man, a tool if I ever heard one

  • Chris

    It’s just so fitting that a purported employee of these crooks is trolling this website.

  • Gina Gatlin

    From time of installation, you own everything except the receivers, get it straight satguy. Unless of course the customer is stupid enough the shell out hundreds of dollars just to be able to say they OWN the receivers. Also, if the “box” is leased, it will cost about $20 for Directv to ship you out a replacement, and if the one that’s being replaced is fairly new, you have to get it shipped back to them ASAP or you’ll get hit with a BIG $$$ non-return fee. The reason why the “box” gets screwed up so many times, resulting in needing a replacement, is because they are refurbished, and sent out to be installed again. I was a DirecTV Tech Support agent, and I sadly, am a customer as well. The $6 a month per receiver fee that you pay every month, isn’t a lease fee, it is what they charge you to be able to watch programming on more than 1 receiver. Which is total bullshit. The cost of programming alone is okay, depending on what you have, but then you add that fee, plus the new all in one HD/DVR services fee, which is $25, then tax, and any additional programming like sports packages, or movie packages, and the price goes from bearable to absolutely insane! Plus, you have to watch your bill each month, because if you downgrade, or drop one of the extra programming packages, a lot of times the agent you requested to do it, doesn’t get it done, resulting in an irate callback from you. So anytime you call, don’t let the agent rush you off the line, they so that to keep their call times down, so they don’t get yalled at by their team leads, but if they do it too much, without taking care of what the call was for, then they get yelled at for having a high callback rate. VERIFY everything you ask them to do, VERIFY they did it, even if you have to ask for a Supervisor to make sure they did what you needed them to do. Yeah they hate the “Sup calls” (pronounced “soup”) But if you feel the agent isn’t doing their best to get things taken care of for you, ask for a Supervisor. As for the “protection plan” while it is a good thing to have, when the equipment goes batshit crazy, and needs replacing, or a tech to come out, I won’t keep it. Tonight, I’ve spent 3 hours trying to get rid of the retarded 775 issue myself, and I’m certain when I call, they’ll say I need a tech, and offer the PP (protection plan) if so, I will let them add it, to cover the tech appointment, and then cancel the it next billing cycle. Like many DTV customers do.

  • Gina Gatlin

    NO. It happens because the equipment is shit.

  • Gina Gatlin

    what internet provider do you use?

  • Gina Gatlin

    It’s only $7.99 in texas, everywhere else, it’s 5.99. Because DTV chose texas as one big guinnea pig for a new “enhanced” protection plan.


    Time Warner Cable. They just upped my speed to 30mbps but raised my price also. I need to call them again and complain.

  • Jaime Cusson

    Ah…I don’t think so. I’m in Florida and have the basic PP at $7.99 and the upgrade plan at $19.99. My contract is now over but I will keep it for about a year, when my child moves out and then I’m done with TV services. Only what is free over the air and when that is gone then nothing. Nothing is more likely tho.

  • Jaime Cusson

    I agree. In my opinion they have very questionable practices. I’m giving up TV to read a bible instead.

  • Jaime Cusson

    Give it up. Just pay, pay, pay and be happy.

  • Jaime Cusson

    Give it up. Just pay, pay, pay and be happy. Hilarious.

  • Jaime Cusson

    Funny. Give it up. Just pay, pay, pay and be happy.

  • Jaime Cusson

    Does it matter? Give it up. Just pay, pay, pay and be happy.

  • Jaime Cusson

    At least you had the smarts to give up TV.

  • Gina Gatlin

    I stand corrected. It was only in Texas at the rate of $7.99 as an experiment, when I worked for DTV.

  • guy

    I work for Asurion who covers the protection plan and premiere protection plan. If your sound is dropping out on all channels but you have picture its either a broadcasting issue or a cabling issue. It could be a problem with the box but the picture would usually go out too. Now I understand that directv is expensive. But you buy insurance on your car incase it gets wrecked, you take the warranty when you buy a new car incase anything goes wrong and you even purchase insurance on a cell phone so you don’t have to buy a whole new one if it fails so why not buy the coverage for your directv equipment. If you have the protection plan you won’t be charged at all to replace boxes when they fail. Or if the wind blows your dish out of alignment. I am not trying to make directv sound like a saint but they don’t Want to send you a tech for $49. They lose money anytime they have to send you one. Thats why we make you do all the trouble shooting before we send one. I even pay for the insurance even though I am a customer service rep just so I don’t have to pay anything when an electrical piece of equipment fails. Or a coaxial cable goes bad. If you think its a rip off just think about the money you lay for phone insurance but you still buy a hard case for it and a screen protector. You don’t buy it for the likely hood you use it you buy it for the off chance something happens. Now if you are a person who finds themselves technologically inclined there is an app to help you align your dish, and the tech support will fix most your problems but don’t don’t don’t buy the protection plan and when you get a satellite error try to fix it because you will then be charged for the service call because you messed with the dish even though it was after you started having the problem. I can’t tell you how many people call me only after they messed with the satellite installation. Also understand that tech support has no direct contact with the onsite techs. They tell us when they have appointments availableto schedule we ddon’t pick them. If you have one come put to your house try to get his work cell so when you have a problem you can contact them directly it will save you some wait time. But asost people say directv provides better actual tv programming and packages then cable so you will pay for it. Directv pays more to be able to provide those cool packages like nfl Sunday ticket so you will pay more for directv then cable because cable doesn’t spend that kind of money. If tv isn’t that important to you and you aren’t going to use things like nfl Sunday ticket or other special packages then just go with cable and pay less but, understand with the less amount of money spent it is less attention paid to customer service.

  • Katheryn Pierce

    nice article..i always seek help if their are some damages at home specially when it comes to circuits its very dangerous..

    Appliances Cincinnati

  • AxA

    So, if you lease a car without a warranty and it stops working, does the dealership pay the maintenance?

  • adirectvtech

    Wrong, could be cabeling, connector, or a bad lnb on dish, and yes a misaligned dish, this is all digital signal wich means the signal is sent in packets from satellite, so when signal is being lost due to misalignment, then the packets containing audio will result in audio los, and same with video los. In any case the equipment belongs to the customer once it is installed, only thing that belongs to DirecTV is the receiver, you would have learned this if you read tech genius post, and to tech genius, dito, if only customers knew how a sat. System works, freq. Ranges that run down the cable and sometimes how the smallest things can interfere with those freq. DirecTV can not control weather, storms can and will move your dish slightly resulting in a service call. Rain water can and will get past seals on ground block and seals in fittings causing corrosion inside the fittings outside. Rain and clouds WILL affect you signal period, if you live in an area that gets a lot of rain and storms like in Florida, you will experience rain fade, but you can blame our government for this , FCC will only allow so much power out from satellites, (ask any one in the military that deals with satellite communication if they lose signal in bad weather, there answer would be no, because military satellite power is not regulated) . and for the love of god, stop bitching at us techs about billing issues, or how long it took to get a tech out, you are not the only customer having problems, we have thousands of customers in our markets. And of course all the equipment issues, look on back of receiver and you will find a sticker that reads, made in China, that’s right 100% of the equipment we use is made in China. So with all this said, give us techs a break..

  • adirectvtech

    Again the equipment is yours, except the receiver, which in most cases if resolution on work order is receiver replacement, you will not be charged the service fee. But if tech finds anything else wrong like poor signal to dish, another resolution will be put in for aligning the dish. And of course if you rent an apartment the landlord has to fix you heat, or water because you don’t own it. The direct equipment we install, dish, cables, switches becomes the customers property, its yours, you own it. And let’s not forget to mention you were not charged for that equipment..

  • adirectvtech

    You can find switches and lnb’s on eBay, like soma said, you don’t have to pay the fees, by your own equipment and fix yourself.

  • adirectvtech

    That contract only pertains to the receivers,

  • Confused

    I’ve been a Direct TV customer for years and have very few issues. And the ones I have had they have sent a tech out to e free of charge. And yes I do watch my bill. It’s far better than Dish Network is. They charge you for everything and have absolutely horrible customer service.

  • ron peters

    I will be quiting Directv unless you get my local channels cbs,abc, and fox back, I paid to watch these and nfl package and am very disgusted with directv.

  • Unhappy

    Just encountered the same issue. Their equipment that I pay a monthly fee to rent and when it failed I had to pay a $49 service call. My suggestion – as soon as your commitment is up leave Direct TV and go to some other service but the will slam you like this too! We all need to start complaining to the FCC and the BBB on these issues.

  • tuan

    Car – tons of wear and tear. Option to buy outright. Damage expected, manufacture do not touch it.

    Reveiver- no wear and tear. No option to buy. Electronic reliability. DirecTV update firmware all the time where thing may go wrong. As author notes directv can send a kill signal (they do it all the time for nonpayment and such) and you will pay for it? Even if its their mistake?

    If enough people complaint about this deceptive practice (they could make their service $28 instead of $20+$8 ins- but this would make them way too expensive to compete with Dish) they will have no choice but price their service as all inclusive as they should since the equipment is their. Dish is doing the same deceptive thing just to be able to print that low price to lure in unsuspecting customers.

    When contract end its time to vote with your wallet. Let them know its not acceptable. If 10 millions people ask/quit because of this then they will notice in heart beat. The way to let people know is though article like this. Let them know they can charge what they want but be upfront and no fine print just like gasoline pricing was before cash price-one inclusive price at a glance no fine print. Then compete on that.

  • Josh

    No wear and tear? really? It’s a computer, it runs at 120+ degrees day in day out, for DVRs it’s recording deleting, monitoring repairing, and verifying content almost 24/7

    no wear and tear! lol!

    another great benefit to having the protection plan, free equipment upgrades every two years covered at no cost! Get the latest and greatest stuff and all you have to do is be home for the tech to arrive!

  • hhhh

    Directv fuks you over royally.

  • alkalitta

    like me dropped satellite and went with nexflix streaming

  • enough

    My DirectTV went down in the middle of the night and has been out for over 24 hrs, I’m not paying a tech to fix their signal issue and I’m not paying for something I can’t use, so DirectTV better figure it out before I take my business elsewhere!

  • SX

    Directv is horrible. We were lied to as well and it hasn’t worked right from day 1. It literally freezes every five minutes (or less) and programs are completely unwatchable. Criminals.

  • brandon

    what is interesting here is the complaint of fixing the service which happened to be the √©quipement on the outside of the house you would not complain to a plumber if you had a sewage backup in your house and had to pay a plumber to come out and fix the sewage problemthis is the same situation with DirecTV service if your satellite dish because I don’t mind after the warranty. Then you need to have it fixed just as you would pay a plumber to fix your Backup such problem you would pay for satellite technician to fix the satellite receiving problem

  • brandon

    become misaligned *star


    Technical Genius – You need to consider a career change. YOU have become rude and cynical in your job – you could never work for my company by responding to a customer as a ‘moron’, an idiot, and stupid. Not everyone is a technical genius – and expecting a company to repair a service is not stupid – it is conditioning. We are conditioned to expect a company to repair provided services when it involves that company’s equipment. When the lights go out we call the power company and they repair it. When the natural gas springs a leak we don’t all pool our money to get the neighborhood pipeline repaired; or to repair a busted sewer pipe. We pay for services rendered and companies keep the delivery systems operational. As to reading contracts – these things are worded to be confusing so even if the average person took the 2 hours in Costco to peruse the contract I doubt very little clarity would come out of the effort. In any event, businesses remain in business thru best practices – not thru total asses – which you sir seem to be.


  • Anita

    A total jerk who needs to consider a career change

  • Anonymous

    I am getting a new genie box shipped to me the hard drive messed up on th done i got less than a yr charge for shipping being i am a preferred customer according to direct tv..ok..i order every UFC fight PPV and boxing matches as well not to mention all the NBA NFL and MLB…i better be a preferred customer..

  • Alex Bohacheff

    My house is entering the rainy season in SC. After 4 months of service, I just discovered my LNB was not weather-proof or water resistant. Water was dripping from the collector cone and black mold was growing inside the LNB. Why does DTV install I/S equipment O/S?

  • Moll Mabee

    Yep, now I am getting the 771 error and the pitch to correct it with additional fees. Right out of the gate with them, nearly 2 years ago, there were billing falsehoods that immediately surfaced and they had to reimburse us! Then certain channels we depended on went missing, most specifically The Weather Channel, during one of THE worst winters I’ve ever seen. Now we have the issues with the pixilating, freezing up, loss of audio, glitches with loads of missing content and they want to charge more and more money to fix their issues! I never heard of any such thing with Time Warner Cable! Our contract is up in a month and we’re done. I can watch many programs without needing their services any more. After all, we pulled the cord on land line telephone service and never looked back. This will be the television’s version of that!!

  • Tbirdy

    DISH Network pulled the same thing with us years ago. They and the cable companies only want your money. All the time.

  • Rod Swindlehurst

    Same experience here. My solution was simple. Told them to de-activate the receiver and send me a kit to return the box. Agree completely that their failure to provide the service for which they contracted is not my financial responsibility. The extortionate amount I am charged each month to watch advertising should cover one service call in 4 years with tons of money left over to go straight to their growing bottom line. What a system and they don’t even have to use a gun.

  • Sam Snoff

    Same type of problem – is gona to be solved in a few days with the latest TIVO from the cable company at a lower cost – no more problems with weather – when I told the rep that the cable company ran fiber to my house and I would just switch they could care less – Of course it is a hassle but it is going to happen

  • omnimonkey

    Just a note to let others know that this problem continues. It just happened to me. DirecTV installed a Genie DVR and 2 Mini Genies in my home less than 9 months ago. We have not moved or otherwise messed with that equipment. Today one of the Genie Minis failed (“No Servers Detected”). After multiple restarts, recycles, and re-authorizations, I called DirecTV and, after going through the same steps multiple times with a clueless service rep, was told I would have to pay for a service technician to resolve the problem. Speaking to a supervisor, after a 20 minute hold, was an unpleasant experience that did not provide any additional support or explanation for this ridiculous business strategy. Let me get this straight: DirecTV installs faulty equipment in your home and when it stops working they want to charge YOU to fix THEIR faulty equipment and/or installation (which did not last a year). What a racket! But what can we do? The best I can come up with is to take my service to minimal levels and then switch back to TWC as soon as my DirecTV contract is over. A shame because I like DirecTV much better, but this is shameless. Very disappointed DirecTV.

  • FDTV

    Would they mind, if I take a sledgehammer to MY dish?

  • knott

    I think direct is overrated

  • knott

    I think DirecTV is overrated 70 bucks for basic TV

  • knott

    My grandpa is 79 years old and Been With DIRECTV and Quest some Where around 30 years. And he pays almost $200 or more for a bundle pack with DIRECTV ,Quest that is now Centrelink…….so I check that out to see how I can make the bill lower and see what he’s paying for. I told customer service rep he paying too much and She said I see and said let me see what I can she dropped the bill $98 Dollars locked in a month after the third month It want up to $187 dollars a month. I just think that is crazy if you just want basic everything why should it cost so much. why should you be lied to. I’m so ready to get rid of them and call Better Business Bureau.

    I really think they need to work on There customer service and their loyalty to the customers. without the customers there would be no DirecTV or Centrelink remember that.

  • wic

    perhaps he will be better off with a sex change!

  • bringit

    and good luck with breaking the law and expecting nobody to do anything about it because “on the contract states you cant take legal action against direct tv”. does it state in the contract about a baseball bat to the knee caps wise guy? if you wanna play this game we can, wrong is wrong and nothing in a contract is gonna get you off the hook, cuse if the courts wont get you, we the people will.

  • Philip

    They are all doing this, It is a rip off! They own the equipment and you pay to lease it, but you have to pay to repair it! There is no other industry that does this!

  • Philip

    Technical genius, you are an idiot! He is well in his right to be angry! No other industry operates this way. You must be fairly young, because this generation thinks people are idiots for not wanting to pay for something that was paid for by advertisers since the beginning of time! Now they are scrambling public television that is paid for by the public! We Pay for TV and the advertisers pays, they are charging on both ends! Communism is running amuck!!!!!!! And so are IDIOTS!!!

  • Anonymous

    Recent Federal court decision rendered arbitration clause unenforceable, at least in areas covered by the 9th Circuit :

  • guest

    I know this is old, and I’ll be shocked if this is even seen, but I figured I would take a second to address it. The $49 charge is standard, it’s charged for every service call, every time, unless you have the protection plan. That much is accurate. As far as the 90 days thing goes, that doesnt sound correct. I dont know everything about how billing and all that works, but I am a technician, and I know that the 90 day thing is how we are rated on our installations. If a service call is scheduled on an installation within 90 days, thats a “service within 90” and it affects the technician negatively. Now, as far as the charges go, the $49 is far far less than what it costs for the company to send someone out there. between wages, fuel, equipment, etc., It costs some where around $150 average. So the company is absolutely not making a profit off of service calls, as a matter of fact, they take such a hit on them, that we technicians are constantly having it drilled into our heads that we should have next to no service calls on jobs we install. So there’s not some conspiracy out there to rip off customers, it’s just a way to recoup a small part of the cost. unfortunately, the cosco employee did what most retailers do, and withheld such details in an attempt to get his/her small piece of the pie (i.e. comission) but you did sign the contract, and it is in the contract.

  • WrestlePop

    DirecTV is B.S.. Ive been a costumer for years yet I have to pay for NFL Sunday Ticket but if you are a new Costumer they give it to you for free! My brother got it last year and I thought he would have it free just for 1 year but nope it’s free forever!!! How can you charge some people and not others? It’s not fair. DirecTV should give SUnday ticket for free to everyone just for being a subscriber but they are so money hungry now they don’t even give you RedZone channel! They want money for that 1 channel too! It does not even come with Sunday Ticket no more! CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY!!!

  • Savageone

    Thanks for the warning. I also saw the Costco deal and was about to sign up, but checked first and I am not seeing a lot of happy customers. Guess I will stick with Charter, which I hate for jacking the price twice in one year, but their service has been good. U ntil something better comes along.

  • Anonymous service member

    No, I don’t think they will care at all. They never had any intention of taking it back from you. As has been mentioned before, it really is your equipment. Of course if you do take a sledgehammer to your dish and then call to complain that your directv isn’t working, I would expect them to charge you.

  • Lynne

    Ok so here is my story, had DTV for 2 years. getting 775 all over the place constantly, did everything to fix it ourselves, they wanted 49.00 to come out to fix it, we pay a huge bill and they wanted that? So now the cust. rep. told me to take the ins. on this certain date, cancel it before that the end of the next month and it is free to fix, cancel it after that month if you keep it, 7.00 a month or then a 10.00 cancelation fee, she said to me better to pay 10,00 then 49.00 and I tell you they better hold to it, or we are going to court.

  • Lynne

    Warning to customers. If you get a new DVR you loose all your saved shows in the list that you have recorded, so be careful.

  • Lynne

    Nickle and Dime you, keep an eye on your monthly bill.

  • Terry

    Thanks for the belly laugh.

    It always amuses me when people such as you refer to others by names such as moron and stupid, while espousing such opinions via grammatically challenged posts.

  • rob

    im going thru the same crap now. Im going back today as we speak to our local cable company. Im eating the ETF to get the hell out. I was a customer for 12 years, canceled service and then went back a few months later when they offered me the genie to come back. They told me since I was not gone for a year there would be no contact. Guess what? I have a contract. Besides being lied to, I feel having to pay a $49 service call fee, and pay for a service that they should repair is BS. Im tired of the dish keep going out every time it rains, the auto pay to save $10 off my bill a month is a joke.

  • Lou Ann Bremers

    Did you misunderstand that this was a site where you could yell at Directv?

  • blick

    how would u guys like to be a senior on a fixed income & have the installer cut all yr outside wiring & destroying everything inside 2. always tape every they tell u on the phone. they told me I would get a 2 yr deal with on demand. I sure didn’t. the installer cut my Comcast wires, which I later had to have all reinstalled for internet & internet phone. It tk the guy 3 days of mud & mess to finish the job. what does it say about direct tv to no they lie to u on the phone & tech their techs to diable another service. We have did everything to get even some of my money back, but it takes 100 bucks for a professional estimate. atleast at & t was honest. it would of been 100 for their modem 100 to run a simple telephone wire to my bedrm & 65 per month for internet. direct tv told me all installs were free. still cant see tv when it rains. if I ever get out of this contract I will go with a tv box before I ever give them another dime. trying still to get them to redo my contract thru their retention center, what from what I read, I thk I will be contacting ruth to the rescue. never again will I try trust direct tv. good luck at & t as u own them now.

  • ccompt3

    You sure about that? When my friend drop dtv they wanted everything back boxes and remotes and sat. He couldn’t get sat down because no ladder and they charger him 350$ for it.

  • Hold your ground

    Mine is out after a electrical outage. Not paying $49 to fix their equipment and not paying a monthly insurance, again-on their equipment.. They waved the fee because I told I would put their equipment on the porch where they could pick it up while I would be watching Dish Network.

  • Jim

    Don’t forget , the BBB is a scam , businesses pay the BBB big money to get favorable reviews. See 60 Minutes show >

  • henry

    i would not brag about working for asurion. it took them 2 times to fix my computer not bad in the long run. however they created a problem with the repairs and dispite sending a description and picture of the problem it is in their care for the 5th time.the last round trip it was with the trained baboon for 4 hours. took 20 min. for the same problem to recure

  • noname

    I am a ccr when you call to order or 771 pops up on the screen your talking to me and I always read all my disclosure info to my customers hence then they know exactly what they are paying for and we simply have to we are monitored for quality that is a big no no so I do not see how any ccr would be able to not fully help the customer understand all term s and conditions second weather happens I’m not god if you live in a place that you know how the weather is look further into the working aspect of the dish for the weather in your known area and most of the time depending upon what you asked me to add to your account I’ll read all disclosure so to the customer then your off to third party verification to hear them yet again it’s are fault as service provider s, that you

      the customer say no I don't want  the Email and clearly you need to take it so a year down the road can't say well ahhhhhh  nobody told me that and then talk to me like a dog when I'm simply trying To help you out 

    email offer yet again explaining you’re contract for the third time and you

  • Anonymous

    did you sign a contract? if you did, then you have a contract. if they just just told you that you have a contract, but you did not sign a contract, then they are playing you for a fool to see how much money they can milk you for.

  • Anonymous

    really? static buildup? are they aware that the dish, the shielding on the coax and the receiver is supposed to be properly grounded by the techs who did the install? static can only build up on insulators, or ungrounded conductors, and probably wouldn’t have much of an effect on the signal anyway. Of course, most of the techs they have doing cable installs aren’t burdened with all that technical know-how and expertise, so you want to be sure to inspect their work. I did just that on a friend’s house and found that they had fastened down the dish to his roof with no sealant, creating 3 holes for water to leak in. They somehow managed to split one of the rafters. And they did a decent job of putting a clamp on a cold water pipe and running a ground wire to it, but they seemed to be unaware that PVC plastic pipes, unlike copper or galv. pipes, are not good conductors, and unsuitable for makeshift ground connections.

  • Faye

    We just had the same type of problem with Suddenlink (cable, not satellite company). They failed to completely fix the problem the first time out (no video at first due to bad port on box, then video started completely stopping often), so they had to come a week later. Then they charged us $45 since we didn’t have a service plan which was not even offered when we had cable installed.

  • cecy

    These are not Costco reps. They are direct tv reps who talks to the customer and signs you up.

  • Anonymous

    Frst of all, you must have never read your contract. Secondly, directv gives you the option to pay for service each time something goes wrong on your lines or dish connected to your house( that you own), or carrying the protection plan for maintenance at all times. In your contract with directv, it clearly states you own the lines dish and remotes, directv only provides programming and the receivers.

  • Anonymous

    and you will be billed for that service call after you cancel…… if you do not keep the plan for 11 months after the call as you well know

  • Anonymous

    no dont be retarded.771 is caused by a bad cable or dish issue……

  • Anonymous

    your shit just saying

  • Anonymous

    feel better? pot to kettle

  • Anonymous

    different company’s have different models for service………. with dtv you either pay month to maintain equipment or pay as you go…………. end of discussion really.

  • Billy Hagerty

    No one should have to pay to protect someone elses equipment. Just yesterday, a day after fighting with directv over a $50 bill increase, my cable goes out. Beautiful day, not moving anything, brand new house, no rats, no squirels, no expanation. Not only does the tech rep try and sell me on the $8 protection plan, after he waives the 49 dollar fee and then repremanded me about, “I want to make sure I am clear, so we don’t go through this again when u call back”. I don’t know what is ruder, a kid talking to a customer like that or the fact that he is already anticipating more problems with the equipment. And this is all after I had to get rid of a TV, downgraded service, and I paying $25 more a month.

  • Tabitha

    Oh God I hate customers likes you soooo much….. The Dish and the cables as stated below are in fact YOURS. When you disconnect we do not ask for anything but the receivers back, which by the way you should not have any reason NOT to return them we do everything and all you need to do is put it in the freaking box and set it out??? If you’re so irresponsible not to simply follow instructions on the box then don’t be upset when those charges come, which BY THE WAY will be waived when you send the boxes goodness gracious…. The receivers if there is something wrong with it and there’s no way a Tech can fix it they replace it and FEDEX charges you 19.95… Not Directv. And we are not obligated to cover that cost because the receiver is free. The Protection Plan is something they offer after your WARRANTY is over. Do not blame Directv for you not reading your agreement. Are you shocked when an engineer says your car needs to be repaired and you have to pay for it? I think not. Even though the bank owns your car. Same for Directv… Now I don’t know why everyone thinks cussing and escalating issues will make the person on the other line help you at all. The Protection plan is honestly a good thing but no one wants to pay anything to fix something they had in THEIR home for months or years! It worked for said months or years but the moment something of natural causes or customer error happens it’s suddenly something installed wrong or equipment failing. A dish alignment is not equipment failure. If you are not happy go to other companies who charge you MONTHLY for not even needing a technician in case you DO need one.

  • ninja

    That is not correct. If you cancel the protection plan AFTER the first 30 days (the first 30 days are free), then you will be charged a $10 cancellation charge. This is to deter the people that abuse the system and add the protection plan just to get a free service call, cancel the plan, and then repeat every time they have an issue.

  • tiredofthebitching

    If the equipment lasted 9 months, then they didn’t install faulty equipment, it just broke down, which will happen with ANY electronic equipment eventually. When they install your system, you own everything but the receiver, the card and the power cable. Those you “lease”, except if you really look close at your bill, you NEVER see a lease charge for it. You see charges for the package and other services you subscribe to, you see the mirroring fee (6.50 a month per receiver) which actually goes directly to the government as an access tax…and you’ll see your state and local taxes. They don’t charge you for the “lease”, they call it that so they can maintain ownership of those pieces of equipment. The dish, cables, switches and remotes are yours to keep.

    Yes you have to pay to maintain the equipment. If you lease a car and you still have to pay for oil changes and tires…This is the same concept. People seem to think that everything should be free just because they pay to watch a certain channel. The money you pay for those channels doesn’t all go to Directv either. They have to pay a lot of that to the content providers that make those channels available.

    Naturally they hesitate to send a tech out. They lose money every time they have to. It costs Directv about $150.00 every time a tech has to be sent out, and they forward only 49.00 of that to you. The rest of the cost they absorb. If you multiply that amount by nearly 20 million customers, Directv loses a LOT of money on service calls every year. Consider that if you get a genie and 2 minis free when you sign up, plus the dish, cables, cost of the installation etc…they’re putting nearly a thousand dollars into every customer right up front. If everything else was free but the channels you subscribe to, there would be no way Directv would be able to stay in business.

    Yes they charge for their services….they HAVE to, but it’s still the best service by far when you consider all of the choices they give you. I HATE cable! Even their HD service is grainy has lines through it and don’t fool yourself, you pay for their techs to come out too. They just bury it in the bill every month under access charge or delivery charge or some other heading…but they charge you none the less. At least Directv is up front and tells you “This is what you’re paying for”. Yes, you hate their service, but that still leaves 19,999,999 other customers who absolutely love it.

  • shane

    If you order direct tv from Costco or Walmart or somebody else besides DIRECTV you are getting a text that is not certified and don’t know how to do the job that is why you should call DIRECTV

  • Douglas Baldwin

    I want to pile on here. We our now into our THIRD replacement box. We suffer constant freezing and pixilation of recorded shows. EAch time Direct TV has determined that their box which they owned failed. Each time they have agreed that the only way for us to get the quality programming they promise is to replace our box. Okay. So far so good. They replace the box for free. So far so good. But, now the Catch 22. They insist that a service tech come out, review the situation and we have to pay $49 for that, or else instead pay $7 per month or $84 a year for a service contract. We have had Direct TV for two years. Thus, we are out $150 in repair costs for our three replacements (or we would have been out $168 in two years worth of service plan payments). Direct TV thus requires its subscribers to pay $150 or more every two years in order to have working equipment provided by DirectTV. Huh!! Direct TV has the BALLS to refuse to provide working equipment at no extra charge!!! We are finishing out our contract, but I advise every TV subscriber to talk to the cable or sat provider about this hidden cost nonsense. The salesman will tell you, “we replace our equipment at no charge if it has a problem,” and the bastard is lying. It costs $49 each time, or $84 a year. Its sort of like ATT billing me for replacing my telephone pole. What cheaters. And they wonder why more and more people are bailing and going to internet access for their programming.

  • Brad 214

    Directv will lie and treat subscribes like the garbage you threw out last night. I was told when I signed my last 2 year subscription that my price would stay the same. It did, FOR 3 MONTHS. This company had no care for customers. I have 5 months left and will THROW DIRECTV AWAY LIKE LAST NIGHT’S FRIED CABBAGE. DO NOT CONNECT TO DIRECTV. YOU WILL BE STUCK IN A 2 YEAR NIGHTMARE.

  • Jason

    You will be glad to know they are still doing this. I have been with DTV since 1996 and their power inverter is no longer working and they want to charge me $49 to come out and replace it. They used to do it for free for customers loyalty and they are telling me they no longer do that either. Time to move on.

  • Niki J.

    When you sign the protection plan it is a 12 mos contract w/ the first month free. If you cancel the protection plan anytime before 11 mos is up you will be billed for every service call in full. Happens all the time. The $10 fee is if you cancel during the 30 days. I’ve had some customers that won’t see the charges for almost 3 mos later.