Integrating Your App Into Unity

A little while back I created the following video that outlines many of the technologies available in Unity that your apps can neatly integrate with:

Can’t see the video? See it here!

Thanks to the wonderful work of Michael Hall and David Planella, see the developer documentation and tutorials for how to get started integrating these technologies into your app by clicking here.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments!

  • davmor2

    I had a quick scan through I love all the general info and code in the examples great to see.  I noticed one thing missing though there isn’t a default “hello world, welcome to unity” app where you can see code, play with it and see what changes the mods made on the fly.  I think that would give a bit more encouragement to poke at the code maybe?

  • guest

    turn down the music. It makes it difficult to hear the voice.

  • Am i Pretty

    That was a great technology, making a phone and computer become one was really great.

  • Elena

    Phone and computer together. Quite nice indeed.

  • ft

    A few comments on the video and on the features:

    1.  The fade to black kept making me thinking that my screensaver was coming on.

    2. The music is too loud and incredibly irritating.

    3.  The features are cool, but this “lens” search business is practically useless, I would guess, for 99.9% of users.  Why would ANYONE click and type through all those menus to essentially search for a video or something when google is a single click away?  This is a feature in search of a user, IMO.  I can’t think that anyone except the actual programmers who designed such a feature using it.  Someone uninvolved with development, please correct me if I’m wrong, but aside from searching for applications and files on my own computer, why would this at all be preferable to a browser-based search engine?

    4.  Similarly, why isn’t there a simple file navigation from an icon within the Dock?  On Mac, for example, you can drop a folder onto the dock, then click on that folder and “drill” through it to locate any item inside, including the content of folders within that inital folder.  In this way you can with zero typing and a single click and hold, discover what you’re looking for.  Maybe this can be done via these “quicklists” in text– if so, it would mimic a feature I believe existed in OS 9…  I’d find it useful.  (Maybe i’ll look into writing something like this.. Hmmmm… off to i guess)

    Anyway, don’t wanna be too negative.  Congrats on 12.04… I’m using b2 now…