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Ubuntu One for Application Developers

Most of you will be familiar with Ubuntu One as the personal cloud service in which you can sync your files, buy music, and more. While the Ubuntu One team has been working hard to expand the end-user quality and experience of Ubuntu One, I wanted to share my experience with working with Ubuntu One […]

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Ubuntu Accomplishments Updates

Work has been continuing on the Ubuntu Accomplishments system. Befor e I go on, I want to encourage any of you who are interested in the project and who would like to help to join our new mailing list. Click here to join; everyone is welcome! Last week I didn’t work on the core system […]

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Ubuntu Global Jam: Walnut Creek

Speaking of the Ubuntu Global Jam, if you are in Northern California, you should come and hangout with us fun Ubuntu folks in sunny, beautiful, Walnut Creek on Fri 2nd March 2012 at Caffe La Scala in Walnut Creek. What will we be doing? Hanging out, working on Ubuntu, sharing tips, tricks and other ideas, […]

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Ubuntu Global Jam: The Dashboard

This weekend is the Ubuntu Global Jam happening all over the world with 31 LoCo Teams participating across 22 countries. Be sure to find an event near you! Much of the fun of an Ubuntu Global Jam event is keeping up to date with what is going on around the world and knowing things that […]

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