David Callé Rocks My World


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…that’s why. :-)

  • Anonymous

    Sweet. Unity is so awesome.

  • http://www.brandonholtsclaw.com/ Brandon Holtsclaw

    Very nice looking, I do long for a different trophy or symbol as the default but have not yet come up with a better yet, so just something I’ll be thinking about over the next 6 months until for next time :)


  • Anonymous

    If you have a cool design to share in the future, that would be awesome, Brandon. :-)

  • http://www.brandonholtsclaw.com/ Brandon Holtsclaw

    Yea, I dont yet, but it has been on my mind a lot, like not totally changed just maybe give it some partial depth but not all 3d like … err hard to explain, maybe I’ll play in photoshop this weekend after HAPPY 12.04 day and see what comes out and snag ya at UDS or something for 5 min if I do come up with anything at all, unfortunately Its not fully in my head yet but it will come to me or someone soon enough . 

    And Hey, if not, the ones we have are not terrible, just a passing thought that keeps making laps and re-passing again 😛 heh.

    Great Work over all too btw, its not said much but wrangling all the bits that this system encompasses AND coding it a bit AND organizing the other contrabass AND your day job too is a TON, awesome work …. on it all :)

  • https://launchpad.net/~huayra Rubén Romero

    Who do I have to talk so we add your participation in SpreadUbuntu as a trophy? We could have several levels and all, and even finally make use of the ability to get points for activites such as adding buttons to a website or hanging posters in the real world® :)

    I would do it myself, but I do no python…

  • http://amazeline.com/ Sadie

    I love how the aura of the trophies and the background seem to synchronize together. As a freelance designer, this could be a great inspiration to make a theme.

  • http://applereleases.net/logo-quiz-answers-level-2-are-you-able-to-find-out-all-companies logo quiz answers level 2

    This is pretty nice theme