Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Today we released the highly-anticipated Ubuntu 12.04 LTS release after a busy six month development cycle. The release is available in Desktop (see OMG! Ubuntu!’s great summary), Server, and Cloud Infrastructure form. You can also install the desktop easily from Windows by clicking here.

I am hugely proud of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS; I believe it is the best and bravest release we have ever shipped, and I am delighted to see Ubuntu’s continued progress in delivering a simple, elegant, and powerful Free Software platform for the Desktop, Server, and Cloud.

Aside from the release, the Ubuntu 12.04 cycle was in my mind an evolutionary cycle for us as a project. The focus on quality was firm and unrelenting; initiatives such as gated trunks, acceptance criteria, automated testing, and a strong focus on growing a testing community and widening our manual tests, all contributed to delivering a solid release. Canonical as a company continued to see a lot of growth, as did our community with initiatives such as the Developer Advisory team, application developer focused outreach, and our continued growth of the Juju charming community. I am not only proud of the 12.04 LTS release, but also of these workflow and growth improvements we also made as a community that are not immediately visible in the release. Thank-you to everyone who helped drive this important work.

Thank-you also to everyone of you who has participated in this release, whether you have worked on packages, provided testing, documentation, translations, support, advocacy, or anything else. Ubuntu really is a community effort, and without our wonderful community of contributors and supporters we would be nothing. Thank-you for all of your hard work and fantastic efforts.

After a busy six months let’s all take a few minutes to take a step back and be proud of what we accomplished. Rock and roll. :-)

  • Anonymous

    “I believe it is the best and bravest release we have ever shipped” – and rightly so, an impressive release Jono – thanks to everyone involved in Ubuntu in some way.

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    I have been at a clients location with my Ubuntu 12.04 laptop today. The “IT guy” there and all the other (non IT) office staff asked me what this is and how they could get it. I had to do a full 15 minutes of explanations about Ubuntu. You cannot imagine the looks after I told them it is free.

  • Crazy

    which laptop is that?

    Is it an Acer ultrabook? which one?… looks cool with ubuntu on it.

  • http://fitoschido.wordpress.com/ Fitoschido

    Ubuntu: demystifying Linux since 2004

  • Anonymous

    I noticed that there is a social networking site that has almost the exact same icon as juju, to the point where I thought it was juju. I don’t remember where or when I’ve seen it.

  • Anonymous

    Chameleon colored Notify-OSD  bubbles look wrong with a panel that has a solid color.

  • Flakey01

    Love Ubuntu….completely deleted all of windowz 7, never again to use any part of Billy boy’s microsuck products…got one problem….System Settings along with Ubuntu System Manager (?) does not open….would like to show that as a bug…

  • Nokmanoks2

    Sadly everyone at my school frowns upon Ubuntu mainly because the PC’s in our computer room has Hardy Heron which looks stupid in contrast to Vista or Win 7. I frequently tell them that it’s a 4 year old operating system and that they should update it to the current one, but to no avail.

  • http://www.lowbudget-pharmacy.com/ Harley

    Nice work! And thank you for  letting us into the details!