The Canonical Community Team

We had a new team photo taken. Thanks to Graham Binns!

L-R: Jorge Castro, David Planella, Jono Bacon, Daniel Holbach, Nicholas Skaggs, Michael Hall.

  • Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist

    It’s almost like a super hero team picture. 

  • Anonymous

     The Avengers

  • Anonymous

     The Avengers

  • Raphael

    Daniel, what does it say there on your T-Shirt? I think it’s Arabic but it’s too small and my Arabic reading skills are not yet that good…

  • Eduard Gotwig

    Oh, I know Michael ;P

  • Jonathan Carter

    ? Backstreet’s back… alright! ?

  • Jeremy Bicha

     It says the same thing as in English, Cinema Rif.

  • Abc

     you mean a super nerd team picture! :-)

  • Raphael

     Oh just a proper name then … I think I can read it now, too. Seems to be “?????? ?????”. Thanks :-)

  • Matt Griffin

    Jono wearing shoes? What tha!